Monday, December 16, 2013

The Crossroads Carnival of Malice, Part One

From two of the most frenzied floggerettes in the comment peanut gallery at Crossroads... 
----B Parks----

"kid toucher" Rhodan?  "...has all the warnings of a kid toucher"  

So, writing fan fiction is ALL the warnings? There are no others?


"Ummmm…what is it about these losers and sexualizing children?"

What is it about leftist hysterians with a death-fetish that causes them to see children being sexualized where it isn't happening?

" you see something wrong with a grown 37 yr old man like Carl writing sexual stories about children’s cartoons?"

Do you see something wrong with your math? The stories were written 14 years ago. See if you can subtract 14 from 37, Lamprey, and still have 37. If you got that wrong, what else have you got wrong?

 "These movements are magnets for pedophiles."

Izzaaaaat right? (Smirk.)

"I am sure there will be all kind of pedo enabling/defending at the Backass swamp tomorrow."


These photos are of anti-heritage folks. Both of them are, or have been, frequent commenters  on anti-Confederate blogs and such, including Crossroads, where the frenzied Carnival of Malice is underway.

The oddest thing, B Parks ... Apparently neither of them exhibited ALL the warnings of a kid-toucher ... that is, writing fan-fiction. At least, I didn't notice that in the news reports.

More info here: 

Unless they were falsely accused and that info has not made it out into cyberspace yet, I think we can take these news reports at face value.

Harpy Parks and Lamprey Eel, pay close attention to this.  These guys are on YOUR side, chumps. Claim them. Own them. 

Both BParks and LibertyLamprey (and several other participants in the Malice-fest) owe Carl an apology, but hell will likely freeze over first.  Doing the right thing for a heritage advocate they have wronged is not high on the list of flogger and floggerette priorities. In fact, I don't think it even makes the list.

I'm sure there will be all kind of pedo enabling/defending at the Crossroads cesspool tomorrow.... NOT! They don't care when somebody on THEIR side does it...


I have received an email from "Michael" asking me to remove his picture from this post. He pointed out that posting mugshots runs afoul of Google's guidelines (I don't think it does). He pointed out that an arrest is not a conviction. He pointed out, "Your arguments about your colleagues are with him [Simpson], not with me."

Well, he's right about that, insofar as he knows. Primarily, my arguments are with B. "Harpy" Parks and LibertyLamprey, in addition to Simpson.

Frankly, I don't have a problem with this request, and I have removed his image.


  1. Well written as always Connie, but frankly I don't need or desire an apology from any of those....creatures. Nothing they said has either offended me personally, nor has it damaged my reputation with anyone who has taken the time and effort to know me for who I am.
    The floggers and their little assortment of ass-kissers are too far beneath me for me to worry about anything they can throw at me.
    That they choose to attack my hobbies (even ones I haven't really worked on in several years) rather than any of my ideas shows how bankrupt their own ideals truly are.

  2. Does the same logic the Floggers used connecting Heimbach to the Flaggers apply in this case ?
    Or is it another double standard ?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Wow yeah, and he was actually caught with and distributing kiddy porn.

    Me, I wrote a non-descriptive account of a 17 year old couple making love for the first time from both POV and I'm somehow a "perv"!
    I also wrote a story where the female character was a boxer and gets beat up a few times, guess that makes me a woman beater too by flogger standards?

  5. A kiddy porn dealer, and a registered sex offender... One of them is still commenting at Crossroads. Made a comment dated TODAY.

    From the link I posted below the photos: "attempting to engage in sexual acts with children all under the age of 15," according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. "...arrested on Sept. 15 on one count of Use of Communication Systems to solicit a minor and one count of Attempted Indecent Libertes with a minor."

    Note, this did not happen a decade and a half ago. He was not in his early twenties. It happened in 2011, TWO YEARS ago, when he was FIFTY YEARS OLD.

    More info: His registered sex offender data:

    More reports of the arrest (some with comments).

    Hmmm.... attempted indecent liberties with a minor.... Sounds like attempted "kid touching" to me. I wonder where is B Parks' outrage? Where's Lamprey's indignation? Oh, wait. This guy evidently didn't do what REALLY outrages them -- write a fanfic romance...

    (Actually, what REALLY outrages them is not pedophilia or other criminal or disgusting sex. What REALLY outrages them is defending and supporting Confederate heritage and honoring Confederate soldiers.)

    I have to tell ya, to me, they and their manufactured "outrage" over nothing while remaining silent (same thing as accepting, according to what passes for "standards" in Simpson's bizarro blogoworld) about their own peanut gallery floggerette collegue's PEDOPHILIA and REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER STATUS, is only a little less sickening than the pedophile's actions themselves.

    A REAL, LIVE CONVICTED AND REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER in their cyber-midst doesn't bother them... Hmmmm....

  6. Comments on the "Heritage Follies" series have tapered off considerably. We'll see if they pick back up after people have been home from work a while, had supper, etc....

  7. Dave, I think it applies, although logic isn't a flogger strong point.

    Simpson has been cyber-pals with these two since the "About" thread at Crossroads. Both of them have numerous comments on that thread. One of them continues to post in comment threads. The other has disappeared. Perhaps he was convicted and sent to jail (can't find anything about that, tho) or just forbidden to use a computer.

    Since the other guy used a computer in his crimes, too, seems like he should be prohibited from using computers or getting on the 'net. But there he is, right there on Crossroads, big as day.

  8. And that Connie I would call both despicable and suspicious. Makes me wonder just how close Simpleton and that particular perv are offline.



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