Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Playin' the Victim Card

High drammer, as my Daddy used to say.  Pore widdle Keffin....

I don't mind linking to his blog, or Perfesser Simpson's or Corey's. I don't mind folks seeing for themselves what those people are up to.... I pretty much don't pay attention to Andy anymore, since he's the only one who's stuck by his statement to ignore us. (The only caution I'd have about his Dead Confederates blog is to knock back some No-Doz or Vivarin a half-hour or so before you visit.)  As I recall, Levin didn't make such a statement, Perfesser Simpson did, and broke it in a matter of days -- or was it hours?  Corey held out the longest before his obsession with us Lost Causers and Mechanized Cavalry babes broke through and made it onto his blog screen....

Well it proves one thing ...   It proves that you wealthy college
boys don't have education enough to admit when you're wrong.
                                                                 Sam Quint, Jaws

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