Friday, March 6, 2015

Flags Going Back Up In Escambia County!

The Escambia County Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 Thursday night to overturn December's vote (the second vote)removing the flags from the Pensacola Bay Center. That means the earlier vote (the first vote) takes effect -- the vote that allows the Commission to authorize the Five Flags display at the Bay Center and replaces the battle flag with the First National....

Hats off to the Commissioners Steven Barry, Grover Robinson and Wilson Robertson for correcting the Board's December error.

It's worth watching the video of the meeting to hear Robinson, Robertson and Barry discussing the subject. They each have Confederate soldiers in their ancestry, and said they weren't fighting for slavery. They said they were proud of their Confederate ancestors.
Pensacola Today
 Kevin Levin will be soooooo disappointed. He is all into predicting the demise of Confederate heritage and cheering gleefully when some politician somewhere takes a sledge hammer to Confederate commemoration.

Yet three of our five commishes not only refused to pick up the sledge hammer, but said some very positive things about Confederates. You don't often find politicians willing to say such.

It's a reminder to the Kevin Levins of the world that Pensacola is not Charlottesville or Lexington, where proximity to the District of Corruption (among other things) influences local elected officials to take anti-heritage stands, giving the Virginia Flaggers their raison d'ĂȘtre. Recently, Confederate heritage successfully withstood another attack in Arkansas. (Little Rock isn't Charlottesville or Lexington, either.)

Confederate heritage isn't nearly as dead as Kevin Levin and his fellow travelers wish, and as he is fond of portraying.

Media coverage of the County Commissioner's meeting:

Pensacola News Journal       WEAR-TV Channel 3       Pensacola Today

Video of the County Commission Meeting, segment on the flag display:

Be sure to listen to the commissioners discuss Confederate soldiers, their flag and the war (after guest speakers address the board) beginning at mark 32:38. (Do y'all suppose the citizens of Charlottesville could learn some manners from the attendees of Escambia County, and the Charlottesville city council could learn about pride and heritage of locale from Commissioners Robertson, Robinson and Barry?)


Well, Simpson has reported on the vote of the County Commission to return the flags, with the First National, to the civic center display. Of course, reporting just the facts is not compatible with his agenda. Remember, this is the man with a lust for the put down, the desire to denigrate, so he brought in something totally irrelevant ... my extreme opposition to Islamic jihad.

He asks why I oppose one religion, Islam, because some terrorists do bad things in its name, but do not oppose Christianity because other terrorists, specifically the KKK, did bad things in its name.

I am constantly amazed at how willing Simpson is to assassinate his intelligence in order to indulge the put down of people he hates (in this case, moi). I'm sure he knows the answer to that, but I'll humor him and explain it.

When ISIS murders people -- beheads them, burns them alive, etc. -- they are OBEYING what their religion, Islam, says. When the KKK or other purported Christians murder, terrorize, etc., they are DISOBEYING what their religion, Christianity, says.

See? Understand the difference between OBEYING and DISOBEYING?

For example, Islam justifies a man cutting off a woman's nose or ears, throwing acid in her face or otherwise disfiguring her if he is displeased with her (for not wearing a veil, or even for wearing one too loosely, or for some other trivial or imaginary "infraction") ... while Christianity teaches, "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it..."

Got it now, Simpson? No? (I'm not surprised.)


  1. Trying to get Simpson to understand, ( or admit he understands ) is kinda like teaching a "Stick to Fetch a Dog".--- It Ain't gonna happen !

  2. Charlottesville, Lexington and Pensacola are also not in Pennsylvania or above the Ohio river. Therefore, it shouldn't be any of their concern. They could always go pester the Canadians for commemorating their bit in the War of 1812. But they won't, because they don't quite yet claim ownership over Canada. But give 'em time, they're Yankees..

  3. Somebody "named" Eek-A-Mouse comments at Simpson's flog:

    "Were I a psychiatrist, or played one on TV, I would find Chastain’s enthusiasm for ISIS snuff films very interesting."

    Don't quit yer day job to take up Lucy-style psychiatry, hon... Linking to eight posts showing the horrors of Islam is actually "enthusiasm" for identifying real and terrifying threats, that head-in-the-clouds multiculturalists and diversity junkies refuse to acknowlege (likely to their future detriment).

    "As we are often attracted to what repulses us..." the way Simpson, Levin and other floggers are attracted to racism, perhaps to offset the lily-white reality of their lives?

    "... her own Islamophobia is mirrored by her obsession with radical violence, like she has an unconscious “lust for the scimitar?” Makes you wonder if, given the choice, she might go out by beheading just to say “told you so.”

    Nope. You're telling on yourself here, Mousy... giving us a look at YOUR psyche, not mine. And it is quite in line with the flogger and floggerette mentality.


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