Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How a Liar Lies, Part .... Geepers, I've Lost Count....

Cowanon sez, "Now, please do be specific when you make accusations of lying, smearing, and libel. We're waiting."

In my previous post, I said, "There are lots of ways to lie ... outright stating an untruth, but also implication, omission, pretended ingnorance, etc."

Here's how Cowanon does it:

This is known as the "links and ties" method of character assassination, perfected by the $PLC (Socialist Pecunious Lawyer Crowd), but in widespread use by other assorted leftists, including "anti-racists" and the civil war left. Person A and Person F may have little to nothing in common, but the links-and-ties chain that separates them is used to imply that they do.

This is the method used in the attempted smear of the Virginia Flaggers with Matt Heimbach. He attended some events they attended and he shows up in a couple of photos/videos with them. The implication by the smear-meisters is that they have the same beliefs he does. They don't always come right out and say that -- perhaps they don't wish to be challenged to prove what they cannot prove... So they make certain implications and hope the reader will do the rest. Which their readers are usually eager to do.

Couple of other interesting things to note about Cowanon... S/he says:

But Fair Use is not for smearing, lying about, falsely accusing and mendaciously implying associations that don't exist.

Cowanon's visceral hatred of those he falsely implies are racist, using the false associations/links-and-ties method of mendacity, is reflected in his visceral obsession with them. To have such a need, and to indulge it, is truly pathetic and Cowanon seriously needs to get a life....

    UPDATE         UPDATE         UPDATE         UPDATE    

A well known Southern heritage advocate illustrates the links-and-ties smear method this way: "My hairdresser's first cousin's ex wife's insurance agent's mother once dated a guy whose second cousin's ex husband was in the klan. That makes me a racist." LOL!!

And speaking of the various methods of lying (outright stating an untruth, but also implication, omission, pretended ignorance, etc.) Simpson has just posted a blog entry that employs several of these methods. He's been particularly poisonous recently, after being silent for several days. I think he's pissed that I exposed his mean-spiritedness, as revealed in his false reviews of my books. I'm not sure why he would be angry about that ... I mean, he loves being mean and mendacious, so what's the problem?

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