Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The Charlottesville City Council managed to obliterate Lee-Jackson Day without even taking a vote... the kind of shenanigans that give politicians a well-deserved reputation as sleazy...


In just the ONE DAY since it happened, Charlottesville has been transformed! Sickness  has been wiped out! The only people in the hospitals are those awaiting elective surgery -- rhinoplasty, lip or butt augmentation, liposuction, hair transplants, sex reassignment, and the like.

Debts have miraculously disappeared! Nobody OWES anything.. not even mortgages, rent or student loans! Speaking of students, all attending the UVA will graduate summa cum laude!

Crime disappeared overnight! No murders, no rapes, no grand or petty larceny, no blue or white collar crime, no tax cheats (cuz there are no taxes assessed anymore!). No playground bullies, no arrogant cliques, no country club snobs.

But two spectacular changes overshadow all the rest.

There is no more racism or sexism because there appears to be no more races or sexes. Everyone's skin color is a pale beige, hair medium ash brown, neither curly nor straight. Southern and/or Virginia accents are gone and everyone speaks in a sort of generic TV commercial dialect (even the mayor, who is curiously without his Sikh headwear ... or Sikh anything). Everyone speaks in the same mid-range timbre.

But the strangest thing of all -- nobody has any memory. Nobody has a past. They don't know who they are, or where they came from. They don't know that the name of their city is Charlottesville ... or why. They have become soulless nonentities, rootless automatons, a perfect populace for a city that has decapitated its past.....


  1. As I had posted on another blog post about this, it is a shame that Charlottesville has turned into a carpetbagger's paradise.

  2. Hey I know, all the money saved by not paying city employees for Lee - Jackson Day can go towards finishing the Hotel.
    I worked on it a few years back.

  3. everything is cured---except bigotry and hatred.


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