Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What Does It Do For Him?

I recently noted elsewhere on this blog, "The flogger frenzy over what they imagine to be my 'racism' is amusing, but I'm busy, you know? I don't have time to pay attention to such sound and fury, signifying nothing. There may be a few things I care about even less than I care about flogger fantasies and lies about me, but I can't think of any at the moment."

No, I don't care what they think of me in terms of what they consider to be negatives. But I do admit there's something I'm curious about. Simpson's (and others') "interest" in my novel writing. Actually, I'm more than curious. I'm mystified by it.

From a post at XRoads:
Brooks D. Simpson's harassment

The first thing that comes to my mind when I read this is -- can't he comprehend what he reads? The first sentence sez: "To my history-savvy friends."

Except for the occasional heritage person whose comments Simpson lets through, nobody at XRoads is my friend. Especially him. I'm frankly not interested in "help" from people who hate me and my heritage.

Simpson, of course, is the fellow who has made numerous references to the title of my third novel for the purpose of ridiculing the author; and referenced it in connection with completely irrelevant subjects, just to besmirch it.

Here's a google search index of his flog using the search term "sweet southern boys".  Sweet Southern Boys at Xroads

What does that do for him? He doesn't need to reference my books in order to indulge his lust to denigrate -- he can, and does, do that (a lot) without mentioning my novels at all. So what's the point of this obsession?

But this is the most curious of all -- why did he post negative reviews of my books on Amazon, when he hasn't read them, by his own admission? I think this goes beyond the usual desire to denigrate me; it is an action designed to hurt my book sales. What kind of animosity does someone have to feel to do such a thing? And why? I've never done anything to him except counter his attacks on Southern heritage and its advocates.

It's one thing to spend money on a book, read it, be disappointed in it for some reason, and to post that disappointment in a review. It's quite another to smear and lie about stories he hasn't read and to personally attack the author.

And why didn't he post his name to the reviews?  It was only because his reviews were connected by Amazon to "Brooks Simpson's wish list" that I knew for certain he wrote them. (Of course, I confidently suspected he did before I found that proof.) He has since changed his made-up reviewer name several times and deleted his wish list, presumably to keep people from knowing the reviews were his. Does he not want his friends and acquaintances to see the fruits of his mean-spiritedness?

I have posted on this blog evidence that the bad/attack reviews were his, and to my knowledge, he has not denied it.

Given his history of animosity for me, his lies about my books, and his efforts to hurt the sales of my books, and given the same animosity for me expressed by his floggerettes, what on earth gives him the idea I'd be interested in help from any of them?

Well, of course, he doesn't have that idea. His post is not to encourage his sycophants to help me with historical information, but to chime in with the hate and ridicule he has already expressed for me, and with the targeting of my books. I wonder why. What does that do for a person?

(Note, the only books he has reviewed are mine. Also note the review of the wristwatch he bought for his "hubby." Hmmm....)

(Note: I may soon post here some of my early ideas about the historical novel, that currently has the working title, After the Stars Fell.


  1. well look at the situation like this-- Why is a "historian" involved in a smear campaign using insults and lies rather than using historical fact to back up his claims.

    Brooks the door to Cold Southern Steel is always open, you can attack me there using historical fact if you dare.

    George Purvis

  2. YES! So excited to hear you are working on an historical novel! Love the title, and can't wait for the sneak peek... :)

  3. Simpson is one sick son of a ------ no wait I am not going to talk about his moma like that, she can't help what her son grew up to be.

    1. No it wouldn't be polite at all to talk about a man's momma. But he's a Northerner and they're raised from childhood to reflexively hate us. It's so ingrained in them, that most of them don't even realise it. It's constantly reinforced in their schools, and in their media. Personally, I been around enough transplants to know how much these people hate and despise us. They're defending a failed civilisation that is dying a slow, agonising death. Obviously, if their cause was just, they wouldn't haf to stoop to such levels to defend it.

  4. I'm gonna steal the title for a poem!
    ( with your permission)

    1. You have permission! (Can't wait to read the poem!)


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