Monday, March 2, 2015

Transparency and Black-hearted Deception

I'm somewhat busy offline, and when I visit Facebook or the floggosphere lately, I barely have time to look around and and make a few posts. I see a lot more than I have time to comment on, but I'll make time to comment on these.

Anonymous flogger continues to tip her hand and reveal her unseemly motivation with every post. Like most floggers, she singles out one or a handful of people in one or two threads, and tries to convince everyone, (however many visit her basically unknown blog) including herself, apparently, that they are the whole of Confederate heritage.

The latest? A thread from a FB group I've never heard of about an imagined Southern rebellion that lacks, shall we say, personnel -- and a suggestion that Mexican troops could fight our battles for us. Note this is thread is one among literally THOUSANDS of Southern heritage threads continually posted on Facebook and it comprises all of eight or so commenters.

Does anonymous flogger really expect people to take her seriously? I mean, people with sense. Of course floggers and floggerettes will take her seriously -- they share her hate.

In other news, I joined a FB civil war group where somebody posted a link to one of Simpson's attack pieces on  Susan Hathaway, although it has nothing to do with the civil war. Ostensibly, the poster was seeking opinions about the hit piece, but really she posted it to be provocative. And she was promptly given the facts. Facts she evidently didn't want to know because she went boo-hooing to XRoads.

The Facebook post and its comments were removed. I have since urged heritage folks who post in such groups and admins in our groups to never delete attack posts/threads like this until they've been copied and saved.

The comment below was posted in the thread of the original XRoads hit piece on Susan that the whiner had taken over to the civil war group:

Now, let's look at this. I participated in that thread and I can attest that there were NO threatening comments on the thread, and there's no proof that she received threatening PMs. She posted no proof whatsofrickin'ever. The whole tone of her tattle-telling sounds childish and made up. "That of course only endears the Flaggers and their cause even more to me," she says facetiously, proving her pre-existing animosity for the VaFlaggers, and providing strong circumstantial evidence that her initial post about Susan at the civil war group was indeed an attack.

After Simpson humors her, she comes back with, "I had not said anything about Ms. Hathaway at all." No, she had only linked to Simpson's egregious hit-piece, rendering it unnecessary for her to say a flippin' syllable.

No, sweetheart, our grasp on reality is as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, and your obviously pretended artlessness, not to mention your running to Simpson's flog, shows you to be a blackhearted deceiver.

You poor thing. You and anon flogger. Perpetrating inept deception. That's no way to go through life, girls. You're making yourself look way, way worse than the people you're trying so hard to drum up hatred for.


  1. When someone insults me on Cold Southern Steel, I post the comment, their email address, and their IP. They never seem to come back.

  2. I never seem to worry about Floggers at Southern Fried Common Sense...but then again none of them have yet to make an appearance.
    As for this, who is she again? I mean really, I am unfamiliar with this particular little nobody.


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