Friday, May 17, 2013

Anti-Confederacy Resides on the Left

“If we had not developed this ordinance, we might have a group of people who were opposed to women’s choice or who were pro-life. And they would get into a discussion through their flags,” said Mimi Elrod, Lexington Mayor.
Okay, so the leftist Lexington government is also motivated by a desire to squelch the expression of pro-life advocates so it doesn't want to allow things that would "get them into a discussion."

I can understand a leftist politician like Me!Me! Elrod preferring to strike out at pro-life rather than defend pro-choice after the country has seen the horrific reality of "pro-choice" recently revealed by the Gosnell trial. In any case, this is similar to the kind of political fraud perpetrated by the Obama Administration that seems to surface every day lately, and that has the people so disgusted. The true purpose of the city ordinance was to keep Confederate flags off city lamp posts, period, and everybody knows it.

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