Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Posted Without Comment....

...for now.
Susan Frise Hathaway's Response


  1. Could you post the response here...I cannot see Facebook at work.

  2. Yeah, I could post it here. And I will. Whenever....

    Looks like you might hafta wait to read it until you get off work.

  3. Go to Crossroads. Simpson has it up, along with a heartfelt apology for his gleeful, orgiastic attempt to tar and smear her with lies....

  4. Yeah I read her cover-up. Nice to see the Mr. Walker is now out of town and cannot be contacted...Nice...

  5. Dang, Connie! You forgot to use the sarcasm font. I went looking for an apology. ;)

    But seriously...Thanks for the post. I appreciate you helping us getting the word out.

  6. Corey, he can't be contacted because he's out of town? Why not? As far as I know, the worldwide web still goes, you know, all over the wide world so presumably he is still contactable by email, wherever he is.

    The only reason his leaving town was significant was because that was his excuse for not going to get a police report in person.

    Why don't you try to message him through Facebook? http://www.facebook.com/rob.walkerjr?fref=ts I mean, if it's that important to you.

    But of course, that's not your approach. Your approach is to not TRY to contact him so you can bellyache that he is not available so you can continue to lie about Susan and say she covered this up.

    Do you sincerely not know how transparent you are?

  7. You're welcome, Va Flagger. Check back now and again. I am far from done with this....

  8. No, I am not that transparent...at least not like you think.

    I thought it was just rather convenient that Mr. Walker was "out of town" as all of this implodes.

    But as usual you read way too much between the lines and go off on your usual rant...making you look more the fool...but I expect that.

  9. My rants, Corey? Have you noticed the SEVEN (7) character-assassination rant at Crossroad the past few days?

    Have you noticed the four (4) rants at CW Memory about the same thing?

    Have you noticed rant after rant in the comments following the rants identified above?



  10. Spin spin spin Corey, you're the only one who looks like an idiot.

  11. Those were not rants by Levin and Simpson...that was commentary about an event that was created and we called Susan and here video buddy out on it and now you want to defend them.

    Who is the idiot now?

  12. They were not commentary. They were worse than mere rants; they were invective, especially Simpson's. Here's an example; he gratuitously brings up cross-burning to tar Susan and the Va Flaggers with imaginary (and false) association with, and/or comparison to, KKK murderers. He has a history of that; he made a vulgar attempt to associate me with KKK murderers before, and even one or two of his regulars found that over the top.

    Walker wasn't a Va Flagger and he wasn't their "video buddy." He was a student at VCU who shot and edited video documentaries about the Flaggers for his video class.

    Who is the idiot now? There are none that I can see. There are victims (Susan and the Flaggers) and victimizers and attackers (some of the Floggers).

    Did you actually read Susan's release? Did you read what was going on -- what she and others were doing -- when the floggers were tantruming and spewing their ludicrous demands?

    Susan posted online about the incident May 10th. She posted the clarification May 14. Four flippin' days. She spent two of those days (1) out of town at her son's graduation and (2) with her family on Mothers Day. That means she had basically one day to research and investigate Walker's claim. Tuesday, the 14th, she spent part of the morning going to the RPD to see if there was a report on the incident, and she posted the clarification at mid-day.

    Meanwhile, Levin and Simpson are screaming, falling down and having seizures and foaming at the mouth and slandering her because of her LOOOOOONG "silence." And when her clarification appears online, Simpson snidely posts about it with the subject line, "Better Late Than Never: Susan Hathaway Apologizes." LATE? No, four days (actually one day) spent ascertaining what actually happened before posting about it (unlike Simpson and Levin, who posted all sorts of nasty speculation without proof, without even WANTING to verify it) is not "LATE."

    You all are sickening, the whole lot of you. I would wonder how you can face yourselves in the mirror, except it takes a person of integrity to feel remorse over wrong they've done another.

  13. BTW, Corey, what do my novels have to do with this situation? Why did Simpson see fit to make a gratuitously snarky post about my Mothers Day promo of Sweet Southern Boys in the middle his attempted character assassination of Susan over the Walker incident?

    The fact that he posted about it in the middle of the invective he was hurling at Susan is a stark illustration that he's motivated by the enjoyment of humiliating and injuring others (or trying to). http://one80dts.blogspot.com/2013/05/before-addressing-flogger-persecution.html

    Try to explain how that was "commentary about an event that was created and we called Susan and here video buddy out on it..." Just try.

  14. So God brought the videographer to the VA. Flaggers and he does a short film on them, but he is not their buddy...I bet they would still be friends except for the "event".

    As for his comments about your book...I don't care.

  15. Corey, people are betrayed by those they trust and call friends all the time. As for your betting they'd still be friends except for the event," do you have any objective evidence to back it up, or is it just your bigoted opinion?

    I don't know that they were ever friends. I think the Va Flaggers appreciated his choosing them for his video class project. If you have any links to their calling him a friend, please post them.

    In any case, until they got the call from the Navy guy who said Walker had not served on the Cole, they never had reason to question his sincerity. Unless you know about one they didn't know about? If so, post it here.

    My question wasn't so much about Simpson's comments about my book, but what those comments reveal about the enjoyment he gets from trying to humiliate and hurt others. You don't care about his motives in that regard? My, my, how very virtuous, honorable and high-minded of you.


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