Saturday, May 11, 2013

Per Political Correctness

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  1. You ever notice that when it comes to the Floggers, Deniers and other ASSorted nuts who call themselves "Civil War" Bloggers almost every one of them is some privileged white Yankee who live in probably the whitest sections of their Northern towns? (I cannot speak for either Hall or that other lowlife scalawag in Georgia who's name escapes me.)

    It amuses me how many of them cast scorn on their preconceived misconceptions on how we regard race, and yet do so in the comfort of a home in the middle of suburbia surrounded by other middle income Caucasians.

    I myself live in a small South Carolina town that according to the last census taken was 63% African-American and 8% Other as opposed to to about 29% whites, yet I still fly my flag, display SCV and Southern heritage bumper stickers on my vehicle complete with battle flag tag, and manage to go about my daily affairs without incident, nor hostility from anyone else....just saying.


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