Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sarcasm -- You're Not Doing It Right

In his continuing effort to put down Southern heritage (or in this case, Southern independence) advocates, Andy Hall has shown his deficiency at sarcasm....  He writes,
Corey Meyer continues to highlight the Southern nationalist movement’s recent infatuation with stickers. My own observation is that the compulsion to cover every flat surface with stickers is transitory, peaking at about age four or five. So maybe Cushman will start posting about his Barbies® soon. That’ll be fun.
Anybody out there have any data on four and five year olds covering every flat surface with stickers? Here's a website about the developmental milestones for four and five year olds (scroll past the three year olds). Seems like if this was a compulsion that PEAKED at these ages, it would at least be MENTIONED in a list of developmental milestones. Frankly, I've never noticed this compulsion in four and five years olds. Have you?

Sarcasm and irony work best when there's a grain of truth in them. If Andy wants to characterize the sticker campaign as juvenile, he needs a more truth-based sarcastic example....  And while you're at it, how about reducing some of that hypocrisy, hmmm?

As I discussed here, Pusillanimous Poltroons, Andy thinks I contribute nothing of substance to any discussion and I'm only interested in questioning the motives, or agenda, or character of people I disagree with about history. As explained, that's absolutely true, insofar as it goes. And since Andy doesn't want his motives, agenda or character challenged, he banned me from commenting at Dead Confederates.  This was back in August 2011.

However, he does sometimes engage me in comment threads on other people's blogs. Oh, he doesn't do it directly. He references or answers things I post, but he doesn't answer me ... he addresses his comment to the blog owner or other commenters.

Now, pardon me for noticing, but that's the kind of behavior teenage girls exhibit when they've had a falling out.

C'mon, Andy. Don't be skeered. Engage me directly -- and answer me this -- if it's okay for you to smear, malign, dump on, belittle, badmouth and otherwise question motives, agenda and character of Southern heritage folks, why is it NOT okay to have the same done to  you -- to the point that you protect yourself with these sooo transparent methods?  C'mon, Andy.  Make your case.

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