Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Wonder....

(1)  Is Rob Walker a Virginia Flagger?  He is identified that way by at least one flogger. I haven't done an in-depth investigation, but I've noodled around on Facebook, YouTube and Google a bit, and I can't find him participating in any flagger activities in any capacity except videographer. His Facebook page indicates he has made videos about a lot of other subjects, as well.

(2)  Is Rob Walker more than one person? In an article purportedly about his preventing vandalism of a Confederate monument, Kevin Levin identifes him as "Virginia Flaggers" -- plural. Levin does this in the subject of a blog post which reads,"Virginia Flaggers Foil Vandalism of Jeff Davis Monument" but the post itself seems to indicate that Walker is one person.

So, is he a Virginia Flagger -- or is he SEVERAL Virginia Flaggers? Or not a Virginia Flagger at all?

Since there seems to be some confusion about how many people he is, here's a remedial counting lesson, for those who need it....

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