Monday, May 13, 2013


Susan Hathaway, Rob Walker Jr. and the Virginia Flaggers 
Have Some Explaining To Do, Kevin Levin? 
Not to you, bub. Not to you. 

Hang the crape! Blow the monuments to smithereens! Burn all the flags! Turn the MOCs into Nail Salons! Disband the SCV and UDC! Peel off them SECEDE stickers!


That's the conclusion, or the hinted-at conclusion, of floggers Simpson, Levin and Baker re: the Richmond Monument Vandalism incident, the subsequent report about it written by Susan Frise Hathaway that appeared in several online proSouthern venues, and the Richmond Police Department's information that they have no record of the incident.

I don't know what happened. I'm waiting to find out rather than -- as these floggers did -- drawing conclusions based on personal prejudice and animosity.  (Although I'm certainly drawing conclusions about them, based on years of reading their crap, and their obvious animosity for Southern heritage, particularly the Virginia Flaggers and most particularly, Susan Frise Hathaway.)

They exhibit a certainty -- indeed, an eagerness -- for the Virginia Flaggers (all of 'em? Yep,presumably all of 'em) to be collectively responsible for an incident about which we don't know the whole story, and with which only two names have been associated. But "the Virginia Flaggers" are conspicuously referred to repeatedly in their posts.

If it turns out that some or all of Walker's story is fabricated, he likely won't be trusted by some or all Southern heritage advocates in the future. Particularly, I assume, Ms. Hathaway. Although I only know her online, I suspect she is not the kind of person who takes being mislead lightly. On the other hand, she is truly despised by the floggers, and they will do anything to palm her off to their sycophants as besmirched by her writing and distributing Walker's account of the incident. (They'll palm her off negatively to their sycophants over anything ... over nothing, really.  Over their own animosity, their own prejudice. That's just how they are.)

They're doing their best to make a mountain out of a molehill, when everyone knows molehills simply don't have enough dirt to make a mountain. Said molehill is the "silence" from Susan and the SHPG, perhaps some others. First of all, in my humble opinion, the floggers are not interested in the truth to begin with, and if this incident had not been reported, they would be lambasting Susan and the Flaggers for something else -- although nothing of substance, you may be sure. They have a history of it.

Second, these floggers have the patience of a three year old. They seem to think, because they WANT IT NOW, it should be delivered NOW. They don't seem to understand that not everyone has the leisure that they have to play around on the Internet. I have sometimes had to wait hours, even days, to get replies to messages I've sent to Flaggers and others in Southern heritage. Practically all of them are volunteers in Southern heritage efforts. They have lives, families, children, jobs, and other time-consuming responsibilities. They are under no obligation to drop all that and answer my messages as soon as I send them  -- or to answer the taunts and childish demands of floggers.

So now the floggers are beside themselves with orgiastic pleasure because THE RICHMOND POLICE DEPARTMENT -- not a prejudiced and hate-filled flogger like themselves -- seems to be validating their opinions. They are actively attempting to get newspapers in Richmond to cover the story -- and I think we know why. Likely only Southern heritage folks in Richmond and elsewhere saw Susan's announcement, but these floggers want the fury of the press to land on her head, noise reports about this incident across the land and, by way of piling on Susan, to smash the whole Southern heritage community. To shut them up. To end them.

The problem I see with that is, if that happens, who are they gonna bash for their own ego-strokin' pleasure and the entertainment of their blog sycophants?

And I can't help but wonder about the near-silence of Andy Hall through all this. His last blog post (about some lecture series) was posted May 10th.  He's even been uncharacteristically circumscribed in the comments at other flogger blogs -- at least, the ones I skimmed (Simpson, Levin, Baker). This is the sort of thing that Andy loves to reshape into hideous derision...  I can't imagine what's got his tongue -- unless he's working on a masterpiece of invective which, you know, might take a little bit more time than usual to compose....

Anyway, it's all moot, now, since the floggers are speculating that this might be a death-dealing blow to Southern heritage, or at least an enormous setback. Expect the electronic champagne to flow for several posts at the flogger blogs... Until they realize they have no one to attack, mob, mock and ridicule ... which will be a significant blow to THEM, since that appears to be one of their prime motives for blogging about the, um, civil war and ... whatever else ....

Meanwhile, the freaking President of the United States has sicced the IRS on conservative groups, caused the death of four Americans in Libya and lied about it, covered it up and now makes light of it...  ignores the Pennsylvania abortion butcher trial (and will likely ignore the verdict just out), attempts to stomp the Second Amendment ... but the Richmond thingy is what's REALLY important....


  1. Nice defense of Susan Frise Hathaway...but what if she is part of this story...or non-story?

    What you gonna do then?

  2. I once knew of a Man who was in Jail, there was no record of his arrest, and he did not appear on the jails list of residents !

  3. The end of Southern Heritage?

    Humm....I think that the thousands of Confederate Memorial Day events taking place around the country this month would argue strongly against that point.

  4. Sounds like both Rob Walker and Suzy Hathaway have some explaining to do to the people who believed the story.

    Why is Suzy so quiet until now?

  5. Update on VA FLAGGER DOCUMENTARY PRODUCER MAKES CITIZENS ARREST: Rob Walker evidently made up his story

  6. Someone said, when you look at a tombstone, and you read a name, and then a date of birth, and a date of death, the only important thing is the dash between the two. What went on during the period of the dash.

    I think of this today as I have recently been blog blasting, Core Meyer at " The blood of My Kindred,
    Brooks Simpson, Crossroads, Andy Hall, Jimmy Dick, Al Mackey, B. Parks, and I then want to become a tombstone engraver, so I can go and engrave " LIAR " where the dash would normally be.

    These sites are used for the single purpose of denouncing anything good about the South, about the Confederate leaders and their ancestors, and instead, they lie, slander and distort history to make the Lincoln Led INVADERS AND SOME MURDERERS, get a free ride. I just got started into commenting over the past 30-40 days. I have been involved in the learning of War For Southern Independence for 50 years. Now with the down spiral of American traditions, I see a down spiral and increasing attacks on our Southern heritage, and our people.



    Many of these little men, indicate they have degrees in history, as my mother would say if she was alive, " now ain't that something '.
    I say, they deserve a refund, or a rebuke, either they are dumb and ignorant Cowards, OR HEY BEEN LIED TO ALSO.

    When yo advise them that Lincoln INVADED the Southern states, they say no.

    When you point out the fact that the deliberately, in many cases, were led to loot, burn and destroy the homes, farms, crops, farm equipment and to steal the livestock and valuables, and to have killed and maimed many of private, non military, civilians,
    they say not so.

    When you tell them that Lincoln did not love the slaves, and that he did nothing in 1860 when he was elected regarding slavery, but in 1863, when Northern public support was dwindling, and his handlers suggested that releasing the slaves might help with several things, the possible uprising against the slave owners and family,civil uproar in the South,
    and to gain slave soldiers in the Union army, he was for emancipation
    don't you know. What a liar, what a two faced bastard he was.

    Am I still on the site, I have been fired from the others, as they cannot take the heat of truth.

    That is about all I need to convey for today, please push this information as far into their distorted brtains as it will go.


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