Sunday, August 3, 2014

For Kevin Levin...

... Petersburg is all about ...
Har har har...


  1. I went into enemy territory and left a comment at kevin's blog.
    I know better, cause a blog operator has the upper hand in all instances.
    I got an explanation of his " now you see it now you don't " apology from Kevin, More of the same, the old soft shoe song and dance.
    Kevin was disappointed that the Flaggers weren't more confrontational. Go Figure, if they had been he would of cried about that-----
    ".Watch out now, take care Beware
    of soft shoe shufflers
    Dancing down the sidewalks"

  2. Over at Levin's blog, he has posted a Facebook discussion of some Southern Patriots. There was a ruthlessly insightful comment by someone who, having no specific knowledge of Levin or who he is, and after reading only a few casual remarks about Levin's appearance at Petersburg, immediately observed that if Levin was ever actually in front of more than 2 black people, live, he'd, well, it was a course statement that followed, but it made the point.

    What this fellow genuinely doesn't know, is exactly how accurate his observations were. He doesn't know, for example, that Levin teaches in a segregated, all-white school, or that Levin's audiences are almost 100% white when he gives his propagandized "Battle of the Crater" lectures. This fellow sincerely knew nothing of Levin, and yet he instantly recognized the essence and depth of Levin's fraud and hypocrisy. This single episode just so fully embodies the blatant dishonesty and egregious fraud that is the Civil War left.


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