Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Floggerette Liar -- Goat Gatsby

Goat, get this through your head. No Virginia Flaggers are wanted for kidnapping -- or anything else.

Let me step you though it.

The child's mother disappeared with the little girl, and the authorities are calling it a kidnapping.

She is not a VaFlagger. She attended a couple of Flagger events.  But she is not a VaFlagger.

The mother's ex-boyfriend is a Virginia Flagger, but he didn't kidnap the little girl. He hasn't kidnapped anybody, and is not wanted for kidnapping. 
Let me say it again, so you have a better chance of grasping it.

The mother who disappeared with her little girl is not a Virginia Flagger.

The mother's ex-boyfriend is a Virginia Flagger, But he didn't kidnap the little girl.

Is that simple enough for you to understand? 


You owe the Virginia Flaggers a huge apology.


  1. That boy's ancestors are rolling in their graves at his stupidity.

  2. Is this the guy that rides the big tricycle?

  3. Moron, Nitwit, he needs to learn something sophisticated, like marbles or Yo-Yo's and leave the flaggers and facts alone.

    1. He's just a misguided leftist blindly executing his programming....

    2. How can a descendant of Confederates become a Liberal? What dishonour he is giving to his family.


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