Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's Not History, It's Flogger Ideology

I've said it before. I'll say it again. Brooks Simpson is not going to be happy until some Southern heritage people come to harm, especially the Virginia Flaggers and most especially Susan Hathaway.

He has been on a campaign to smear, harass, bully and intimidate Susan for over two years. He tried to smear her with the Rob Walker incident. He compared her to criminal gang bosses by claiming, "Susan Hathaway’s henchmen are doing her dirty work..." He has repeatedly brought up her employer  -- for what purpose?

He is so eaten up with hate, he complains about the COLOR OF HER CLOTHES. He's been carping about that for a year...
August 2013

~ "The pictures are not about the flags or the issues of Confederate heritage, but of the Flaggers having fun (or the numerous images of Susan Hathaway in her red top)." B. Simpson

July 2014

~ "In the summer Susan Hathaway finds that it’s too hot to wear her favorite red tops." B. Simpson

August 2014

~ "Susan Hathaway on red, Red, RED!" B. Simpson
Yes, hate can be incredibly petty.

But now he's on a rampage. He's trying to pin a kidnapping on her...or accessory to kidnapping, or, at the very least, withholding information about it. And he has repeatedly accused Susan and the VaFlaggers of not caring about the issue because they haven't plastered their Facebook pages and blog with it, the way Simpson has. (Of course, we know if they HAD, he would have taken his verbal bullwhip to them over THAT. They can't escape his harassment, because that is what he intends to do, no matter what.)

He cloaks his accusations in plausible-deniability language -- he just "hopes" Susan and the VaFlaggers are helping to find the little girl. He has been very careful not to directly and specifically accuse her of participating in either the kidnapping, helping to hide the missing child, or withholding information.

That's because he's as slick as a rotten banana peel when it comes to crafty language. He carefully chooses what he will accuse her of, to plant a seed in people's minds, and then hopes they will embellish the accusation for themselves.

Some have.  Some floggers and flogger followers have flat out accused the Virginia Flaggers of kidnapping.  Others have accused the Virginia Flaggers of withholding information from the authorities.

My question is -- do these accusers KNOW this?

If they do, why have they not come forward, notified the authorities and provided proof?

That they haven't done so means these are false accusations.

And what THAT means is that these false accusers don't care one bit about the missing child -- they only want to harm the Virginia Flaggers.  She is simply another instrument of flogging in their hands.

They are crafting their fraudulent and hurtful claims based on some pictures on the internet. If that's the basis for suspicion, there are quite a few suspicious characters in the photo section of the family's hysterical Facebook page.

I'll say it again. Brooks Simpson doesn't give a rat's rear end about the little girl. He cares only about smearing, harassing, bullying and ultimately bringing harm to Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers.

Why? Why is that? Why has he written 200 blog posts (and numerous comments on other flogs) over the past three years smearing, attacking, denigrating, harassing and bullying the Virginia Flaggers and Susan Hathaway?

The floggers are fond of saying that for we who honor our Confederate ancestors, "It's not history, it's heritage."  But as I've noted, with them, it's not history, either. It's hate. But that's only part of it. With the floggers, "It's not history, it's ideology."

For them, history must comport with  their leftist ideology; and leftist ideology demands, among other things, that the Confederacy and white Southerners, past and present, must be trashed and dehumanized as evil racists and "white supremacists." That's why Simpson can trash somebody and accuse them of something based on who they have a picture made with, but exempts himself from the same standard.

Leftist ideology doesn't care about truth, standards, facts, objectivity and fairness, reason, and common sense, morality and integrity.  It cares only about triumphing over the right and all it stands for -- tradition, religion, family, culture. Like the horrific murderous totalitarian regimes it spawned around the world in the 20th Century, it cares only about silencing its critics and wiping out its enemies.

Anyone who does not fall in line with leftist ideology must be ridiculed. And if they go so far as to openly disagree or criticize, or worse, defy leftism, they must become targets of smears, harassment, denigration and bullying. They must be destroyed.

That is why Brooks Simpson and his flogger buddies cannot shut up and post about history. That is why they have to mess into things that are none of their business, smear groups they're not members of, pass judgments they are totally unqualified to make, and attempt to bring harm to those who flout the ideology they worship.

To them, the Virginia Flaggers must be destroyed. The Flaggers must disappear from the Boulevard, from Lexington, from Facebook, from everywhere.  They must go home, shut up, become invisible. Their flags beside the Interstate must be removed and destroyed.  Groups cropping up elsewhere, inspired by the Virginia  Flaggers, must also be trashed, ridiculed, and ultimately destroyed, their members sinking into obscurity.

To recap, for the floggers, it's not about Confederate flags, it's not about history, it's not even about heritage. It's about ideology. It's about people whose religious beliefs and and organic connection to their culture stand in defiant opposition to liberalism, socialism and any other ism connected to leftist ideology. 

Leftists worship their ideology above all else; that is why it caused untold human suffering, violence and death -- murders in the hundreds of millions -- in the 20th Century... and why certain leftists will not be satisfied until their godforsaken ideology triumphs and good people are rendered mute and made to suffer.


  1. Connie Chastain-
    For them, history must comport with their leftist ideology; and leftist ideology demands, among other things, that the Confederacy and white Southerners, past and present, must be trashed and dehumanized as evil racists...


    Their "study of history" is just an extension of their Leftist politics.

    "History" to them is a tool to advance an agenda.
    ...Whatever they're involved in is a tool - news media, movies, "science" &c.

    Kevin Levin: "I like to think that my own research on Civil War memory is in a way a form of activism."

    It's politics, not history.

  2. Connie two links for you. Both are on Cold Southern Steel---



  3. The Floggersphere is little more than a Cult of Personality. Its about these alleged "historians" building up their own egos by having the dozen or so simple-minded morons who follow their every word play yes-man and feed the Trolls.

  4. These little wannabes are so ineffective because their hateful spews of lies are proof of their agendas that good folks reject rightly as Un-American.

  5. Look Connie, we're on your side and all, but Brooks has a point. Susan has just taken this whole thing too far. You mean to tell me she actually wears red tops? Susan is just out of control, and someone better reign her in immediately, or I am going to write a very strongly worded letter on the matter!

  6. Connie
    Keep attacking, They are not nearly as smart as they think they are. Brooks and his bunch are very strange indeed, they call themselves historians but attack anyone who disagrees with them much like Nazi Germany
    Jessie Sanford ( So they wont be confused)

  7. I have already come to harm. Not even the local government protected me when I was bitten by a pitbull dog that came onto my property and into my garage during Confederate History Month. After the hearing, the owner was allowed to keep his dog and said that "I got what I deserved." What does that tell you about this sect?

    Based on firstamendmentcenter.org, "Freedom of assembly is explicitly guaranteed in the First Amendment, securing the right of people to meet. . ."

    The freedom of association "protects the right of people to meet and publicly support a cause or message. It also protects the right of people not to be affiliated with certain messages or ideas. . . . This right is not explicitly set out in the Constitution but is instead derived from fundamental privacy interests and the rights of speech, petition and assembly."

  8. This Brooks Simpleton must be a sad individual. To have spent so much time denigrating the VA Flaggers is pathetic. Had he spent the same amount of effort on something worthwhile like raising money for St. Judes Hospital, we would all be singing his praises instead of wasting our time trying to figure out what drive a hate filled person such as he. The indicator of how low his self esteem is, can be measured by his continued outpouring of vile name calling towards others. He is a bully behind a keyboard and that is all. He called me a White Supremacist, and a Klan member because I was strongly opposed to Kristopher Cheney Goad spewing out that filth he calls Hip Hop with all it's disgusting curse words right in front of the Confederate Chapel and more importantly in front of children and ladies visiting the museum. These people are just sad excuses for whatever it is they purport to be.

    -Jack Adkins


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