Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kevin Levin sez....

There is a wall that I always hit when I read commentary by Ta-Nehisi Coates owing to my personal background and race. While I can relate to his preferred interpretation of Civil War memory on an intellectual level I am aware that his understanding comes from a very personal place and a sense of community that will always be foreign to me.
 Yet he imagines he can not only relate to, and understand, Southern whites, past and present -- and  their very personal place and sense of community -- but understands it well enough to pass judgment and condemn them ...  So much that he runs a blog that exists largely for passing judgment and condemning Southern whites over the civil war, and anything else he chooses.


  1. Should we be surprised? Levin comes from a culture and civilisation that is built on double standards and hypocrisy.

  2. Well, just like "The Committee", Coates and his kids would be totally unwelcome at the segregated school where Levin teaches. That concept also seems to be foreign to the fraudulent Kevin Levin. Do the right thing Kevin, help desegregate the Gann Academy. It's time.


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