Saturday, August 9, 2014

I'm Absolutely Blown Away... Hope Denney's review of Southern Man, published at her review site, Orchard Rest Writer's Loft.  Ms. Denney is a Southern writer as well as a great reviewer of Southern fiction, having published her first novel, Surrender at Orchard Rest, in February. Her affinity, both writing and reviewing, is 19th century Southern Gothic novels, so I am especially pleased that she chose to review my late 20th Century historical.

The whole review was great, but here are a few snippets that especially brought a smile to my face:
Ms. Chastain excels at penning a smoothly flowing, polished prose that is years ahead of first novel status.

 Despite this novel having a large cast of characters once you add in the cast of Troy’s workplace, I got to know each character well. They were powerfully and beautifully sketched.
Troy’s ... lingering guilt over a teen-aged drinking episode was exceptionally well done and poignant).
Ms. Chastain sketches a Christian but passionate marriage with all the prowess of an armchair psychologist.
Troy Stevenson is a well-crafted Southern hero that I believe encompasses the contemporary Southern man ... much better than any that I have read of late.
Needless to say, I am much obliged to Ms. Denney for not only penning a fantastic review, but tweeting links and helping to make my novel a bit more visible in the crowded and chaotic world of book promotion.


  1. Well congrats to you Connie! Well done!

  2. Yes, congratulations.

    Here's hoping the setting for your next novel will be 1864 Georgia.

    And the cast of characters to include the "evil Captain Simpson" and his bummer lieutenants.

  3. I think she ought to do one about WW1, and the folly of the Southron who fights the empire's wars.


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