Sunday, August 24, 2014

Floggasms on Facebook

(and not even good ones)

Corey, using yet another fraudulent Facebook profile (George Bishop), started a group with the fraudulent name, Honoring Confederate Flags. He's gathered together a small handful of leftist loonies who get off on hating and slandering the Virginia Flaggers and Southern heritage folks in general, and feeding each other's hate.

Goat seems to be a big mover and shaker on the new page. He's still upset about somebody he thinks is a VaFlagger kicking his amp -- you know, the one he uses to crank up the volume on the filthy, obscene rap lyrics he blasts at visitors to the VMFA.

Like Brooks Simpson wandering around the desert going, "But what about Rob Walker? Rob Walker..." Goat wanders around the sidewalks of Richmond going, "But what about my amp? My amp...."

Corey recently had his fake profile George Bishop make him an admin of the group. Is that not hilarious? What's fun is to watch Corey's fake profiles have conversations with themselves.

The group's initial burst of hate for the VaFlaggers is still rocking along, although its starting to get stale. 

Goat posts some info from the VaFlaggers Facebook and asks:  "How do I join the Va Flaggers?" You can't. We need to be able to refute your ties with us once you break the law or the public finds out you are a white supremacist."

Of course, it's impossible for the Virginia Flaggers to refute ties to people they have never been "tied" to, so Goat's observation is pretty useless.

Then Corey says, So that would make the mother of Lilly Baumann a member of the Flagger since she has done many of these things...since there is no official "join" process?

Many of what things? There are only TWO mentioned in Goat's copy/paste: (1) Flagging (joining the Flaggers on  the sidwalk) (2) helping with email campaigns....  Now, I have seen no photos of the person in question  flagging the VMFA. Did she participate in any email campaigns? I don't know. I can almost guarantee Corey doesn't know either.

So he's lying. As usual. He'a a proven liar. A self-admitted liar, as I've shown before:

The photographic evidence I've seen indicates that the woman in question attended a couple of events that some of the VaFlaggers also attended. She went to those events with her boyfriend as a guest. Whether they were Flagger events or sponsored by other groups, her attendance didn't make her a VaFlagger.

Somewhere out there, there's a desperate woman, a mother in fear for her child's wellbeing. We may think what we will about the legality and wisdom of her flight, but only the most despicable, lowlife scum would use her to drum up hatred for innocent people just because they don't like them, or "disagree" with them about "history."

Later, in a different thread, Goat says, "I've said this before but not to anyone in this group, the Virginia Flaggers prefer to have no membership logs to avoid responsibility."

Really.  How does he know they have no membership log?

Corey the Liar adds, "Sure, and I doubt they have logs concerning the donations they way to know how much taxes must be paid. They have openly stated that they are not a 501 3c or whatever that is supposed to be to be a charity."

What does it matter what he "doubts"? HIs doubts are shadows without substance. What matters is reality, and he doesn't know what that is. So, once again, all he's doing is attempting to stir up hate and trouble for the Virginia Flaggers.

And for what reason? What have they EVER done to him?



  1. Goat should ask Simpson, I'm sure he has a membership log !

  2. What exactly is Corey? Is he a Northern supremacist who fears that his beloved Illinois will lose its special rights, privileges, exemptions and set asides? Or is he just another narcissistic troll with a peculiar, neo Yankee bent?

    1. He's a nutcase, James, without a particle of respect for truth. Self-admitted liar. What kind of person makes dozens of fraudulent internet IDs and profiles for the purpose of spying on people who are none of his business? Yep. A low-ethics nutcase.

    2. Well, Ms. Connie, they did a study in England a few years back. It showed that internet trolls tend to be narcicistic, psychopathic, or otherwise mentally I'll. As an aside, I looked into Corey's part of Illinois. By all measurable standards, it's far below even the smallest of Texas towns. Therefore, I can't see any reason for his arrogance or feelings of superiority. I guess I'll have to take him asa nut. BTW, I called him out on SNN, and he quickly changed his online name to "guest". He hasn't been back since.

    3. In a post on his new Facebook hate group, Corey sez, "Connie thinks George is me. She is like a dog chasing her tail. I don't think she can believe or understand that I am not the only one who does not like what the flaggers are anyone else who voices a similar voice is automatically me. Funny stuff."

      Ah, no. Corey gives himself away all the time. His fake profiles are soooooo transparent.

      In any case, the fact remains that he is a proven liar. A self-admitted liar. Just remember than when he denies one of his cockamamie fake profiles. He is a he is a proven liar. A self-admitted liar.

      In fact, when he says ANYTHING, remember that he is a PROVEN, SELF-ADMITTED LIAR, and thus nothing he says is trustworthy. Reject it all as a pack of lies. Because we're supposed to believe he lied in the past -- and admitted it -- but now he's telling the truth? LOL!

      Once you lie, AND ADMIT IT, you have lost credibility, with no way of getting it back. I mean, what's truth? Were you lying then, but not now? Or are you lying now, but not then?

      Oh what a tangled web we weave,
      When first we practise to deceive!
      Sir Walter Scott

  3. Never have I heard of such bigotry!
    Going to be a cold day in hell before the confederacy dies!
    Give up already "Goat"!
    You obviously have nothing better to do than prey on these innocent flaggers!
    Up in the north that kind of behavior may be acceptable, but we have a little thing called HONOR in the South.
    Never has your opinion had any sway on the minds of true confederates,
    Going around on your stupid tricycle,
    Let this be a warning to you!
    You and your posse have run your course.
    Down with your stupid hip hop!

  4. Just watch Northern sitcoms. Being a nosy pest is a virtue among them. It's supposed to be funny, too. Notice how Sherrif Taylor was always embarrassed to be nosey, even though his job required it.

    1. James, my sister is a huge fan of the author Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum detective novels. Set in blue collar Trenton, these hilarious novels do not paint yankees in the best light. In fact, they're an absolute scream. Plum is a bounty hunter. One of her elderly relatives has a hobby of going to funerals and viewings.... Author's website says," In Stephanie’s opinion, toxic waste, rabid drivers, armed schizophrenics, and August heat, humidity, and hydrocarbons are all part of the great adventure of living in Jersey." LOL!!!

    2. Yes, they are indeed nuttier than peach orchard owls. But unfortunately, they can't keep it to themselves, or stop pestering us.

  5. George's Facebook profile picture-

    1. Yep. Another Corey hallmark ... He has a proven history of combing the internet looking for photo of someone to steal and pass off as himself:

      And remember when he said he was "Vic Hatcher" and tried to palm off a picture of race car driver Arie Luyendyk, Jr. as himself?

      He's a fraud and a liar. And it's a sobering thought that he's a teacher and influences impressionable young kids....

    2. BTW, have any of you EVER seen any of Corey's fellow floggers take him to task for lying and fraudulent behavior? I haven't. I guess that means they don't care when somebody lies, as long as that person is on their side.

      Shows exactly how much respect they have for the truth. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

  6. But still, you have to wonder why these people defend a cause that even Northern lawyers said was indefensible by any standard of Law. It also makes you wonder why such a "righteous" cause has to be defended by lies, deception and subterfuge. But then John Brown and the New England Immigrant Aid Society were liars, frauds and criminals.

  7. Some people are so desperate to feel the warm fuzzies of moral superiority in themselves, they resort to all sorts of immoral and unethical measures to generate them.

  8. Corey sez I'm gonna cry wolf one time too many....

    Like anybody would mistake him for a wolf.

    1. I'd mistake him for an overgrown teenage boy. He is rather juvenile. For a supposed adult, high school teacher.

  9. One last thing. I noticed that Corey's been banned from every pro Southern blog. I don't know why they put up with him for so long. His people certainly don't tolerate contrary and opposing views.


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