Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cluster Floggasm at XRoads

What's going on at XRoads -- a mutual group-floggasm -- is one of those things that's both repulsive and fascinating at the same time.

It seems an article written by well-known heritage activist showed up in an obscure, visually cluttered, almost incoherent racist tabloid newspaper.  For some, it's proof positive that Confederate heritage equals white supremacy. For others, it's an opportunity to get their jollies by hatin' and speculatin'.  The head flogger-in-charge is waiting to hear that the activist knew nothing about this.

I think that's exactly the case. First, despite all the imaginary "associations" between heritage and racism discussed in the floggasm, there's nothing to indicate there is any such association. Paths occasionally and inadvertently crossing is not an association.

The article in question appeared in two publicly available internet venues, and all the tabloid editor had to do was select-a, control-c and control-v.

It appears that much of the tabloid's content is copies of content found on the internet, which lends great credibility to the speculation that the activist did not know her writing was used.

Articles by the following people or organizations appear in the tabloid:

Lt. Colonel Donald Sullivan (Ret)
Bob Adelmann (New American)
Dennis Kucinich
Leo Hohmann (World Net Daily)
Paul Craig Roberts
Tony Cartalucci
Al Jazeera

Some of these folks are conservatives, but who believes they were all contacted and gave permission for their articles/news reports and by-lines to be used? And Kucinich is definitely no right-winger.

This is evidence that even more strongly suggests the activist's writing was filched without her knowledge and consent. But that's of no consequence to the denizens of the floggosphere. They believe what they want.

Hating certain people, even if they have to fabricate reasons for it, is seemingly what they get their jollies from.

Yep, it's pretty pathetic, but that's them and theirs....


*snicker, snicker*


  1. Simpson's visiting Backsass, stealing photos....

  2. Interesting thing, The Skipper, in York, PA, visits Backsass and steals photos just before Simpson does... though not the same photos.

  3. Correcting Simpson & his peanut gallery.... Just hitting the high spots... They're so riddled with error I can't address them all....


    They (Flaggers) are willing to solicit money from these groups? What does that mean? Willingness is an intangible that must be demonstrated or you're just mouthing off your hate-based agenda. The question is, have they solicited money from these groups? Have they gotten money from these groups? Have they ever changed their message or mission because of any donations they've ever received from anybody?

    The associations are imaginary. What's "documented" -- i.e., photographed -- are the occasional and/or inadvertent crossed paths. Probably less than a second each -- the length of time it takes a camera shutter to open and close. A few seconds of an open camera shutter does not an association make.

    Now you're saying you have to have an association with someone to express an opinion about them?

    What I continue to do is to show your love of denigration, put-downs, harassment, persecution, hatefulness and hurtfulness.

    Media coverage in Lexington? Have you contacted media reps in Lex to sic them on the VaFlaggers like you tried to sic the Richmond media on them in the run up to the I-95 flag raising? Will the Lex media reps pay any more attention to you than the Richmond media reps did? You never learn, do you?

    Leo, hon. There's more than one Southern stereotype, just like there's more than one leftist stereotype and more than one academic stereotype....

    Most white Southerners have never heard of the VaFlaggers, but more and more are hearing about them all the time. There are no doubt countless other things they get sickened and disturbed about. If you're talking about the tabloid newspaper, the number of people who know about that is probably vanishingly small.

    I didn't claim the pictures were stolen at a particular time.

    The VaFlaggers don't have to entrust their message to anyone. They proclaim it themselves.

    Jimmy Dick's display of vacuous hate needs no commentary from me. I will just say that I expect that the Lee Jackson event in Lexington will be a rousing success and it will be fun, fun, fun to visit his vacuous post afterward and compare it to the reality.

  4. Oh well let Shrimpson whine.

    I am not aware of any Southern activists calling for the whole Yankee population to be wiped out (Buck at XRoads) nor do I recall Eric Jacobson speaking out against that post. Did Jacobson ever say he did not support a war on women, old men and children? I got tired of his version of history and quit reading.


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