Thursday, January 29, 2015

Found Online....

"We have absolutely no idea why people see Southerners and the Confederate Battle Flag as racist." --Facetious comment at a ludicrous smear-site.
Um, because those people are agenda-driven bigots?

According to the Census Bureau, there are about 114,555,744 people who reside in the Southern states.  Of that number, those who abuse the battle flag are statistically miniscule. Somebody who would smear an entire region with a trivial minority is not logical, ethical or trustworthy.

In fact, anybody who would smear the Confederate heritage community with that minute minority of flag abusers is not only not logical, ethical or trustworthy. They are actively seeking to harm people who have done them no wrong. 


  1. Pew Research Poll of 2011

    Only 30% had a negative view of the flag. In fact, no group -white, black, democrat, republican, etc- had a majority negative view of the flag.

  2. A yankee throws racism out as an insult because they lack any real historical knowledge. Even though they cannot prove racism this is like their last line of defense. They forget all the racist remarks of Lincoln ,Grant and Sherman. They also forget, or rather just won't admit thet the CBF never flew over a slave ship. In my opinion they are not only bigots but ignorant. In the case of Shrimpson and his lot it is willfully.


  3. The simple fact is, the North is organised along the lines of the New England Moral/Political paradigm. Which is the source of modern American Leftist ideology. Thus the North has been Leftist since its inception. These people are simply driven by the secularised derivative of the Puritan mania to stamp out sin. Everybody's, but their own. Flying the VBF, especially, or any Southron symbol, is a sin that must be stamped out. It offends their vision of how the rest of the World must be.


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