Thursday, January 15, 2015

Promises, Promises II

January 6 -- Simpson announces that he's only going to do Confederate heritage denigration, smearing and harassment commentary once a week, unless he finds something particularly interesting.

January 9 -- Article smearing Susan Hathaway (second heritage smear of the week).

January 14 -- Second "weekly" Confederate heritage denigration, smearing and harassment post.

January 15 -- Article using "proper flag etiquette" to denigrate and smear Confederate  heritage people (second heritage smear of the week, and the week's not over yet).

So far, his once-weekly commentary has been doubled, for two consecutive weeks. True, he did say, "Of course, there will be exceptions to the rule, but only in cases I find particularly interesting." Apparently, nearly anything heritage is "particularly interesting" to him, because he's obsessed. That's why there are over 242 posts and/or comments about the Virginia Flaggers at XRoads.

The little man from Gilbert, Arizona can't be believed, can't be trusted. His love of denigration, his dedication to stirring people to hatred, his hope to someday see someone he disdains hurt or injured, far outweighs his integrity....

Promises, Promises I

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  1. Livin Rent Free in the Mansion ! Soon we gonna have to move into the Guest House, we runnin outta room !


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