Thursday, January 29, 2015

...There Is a Strong Desire to Identify With Our Culture....

Lee-Jackson Day is a Lost Cause
... the public display of the Confederate flag is in full retreat in the should fully expect these calls (to remove Confederate symbols and commemorations) to increase in the next few years, along with decisions that reflect the South’s changing demographic...

Kevin Levin, Civil War Memory blog
Oh, really?

Pensacola has a changing demographic, and is home to a lot of people from elsewhere, especially military retirees. So what does that mean for Confederate heritage here?

A Confederate flag could soon be seen at the Pensacola Bay Center again

From WEAR-TV Channel 3, Pensacola

Along with the confederate (sic) flag, the county also decided to take down the French, British and Spanish Flags.  Commissioner Grover Robinson says as soon as the county made that decision, he started getting a lot of complaints.

“(They said,) ‘you took down Spanish, the British, you took down the French, why did you that?’” Robinson said.  “It’s part of our history, it’s our culture and there’s a strong desire to identify with our culture.”
...there is a strong desire to identify with our culture.

Kevin Levin has a blog that documents his years-long, extreme bias against Confederate history and heritage. He teaches at a school for Jewish kids in Boston, Massachusetts. (That really qualifies him as an expert on Pensacola and other Southern cities, don't it?)

Grover Robinson  ( is a 7th generation Pensacolian and a County Commissioner since 2006.  He knows this community and its people.

Who do you think I'm gonna believe? Kevin Levin or Grover Robinson?


  1. Ms Connie,
    I really think Mr. Kevin has an identity crisis, without his babbling about the South and her flags and culture he would be a very lonely man. He still has not answered the question of why he chose to teach at a segregated school but yet slams heritage folks for bring racist. He is what my daddy would call a pompous little a$$.

    1. Jessie, Kevin is a school teacher, and his wife has a PhD in neuroscience and works in the medical field. For all the liberals' talk about equality of the sexes and such, a woman who out-earns and vocationally out-ranks her husband creates ... issues... even liberals don't like to acknowledge, even to themselves. But they come out, sooner or later, in one way or another.

  2. So in Levin's way to thinking (such as it is) its fully acceptable to sacrifice one aspect of Southern identity to accommodate another person's version of what is appropriate?
    What people like Levin and his sort do not get and will probably not accept....until forced to do that Confederate heritage and its symbols are not anti-diversity, they are a part of it.

  3. You're missing the point, Interloper whose comment will not be posted. Teaching Jewish kids in Boston does NOT make one an expert on the people in Pensacola and how they feel about history and heritage. Did you really not get that? Are you really that intellectually vacuous, or are you just pretending to be, to put us on?

  4. Jessie, at least one of our critics thinks discrimination and segregation is okay -- depending on who is doing it. Of course. Mr. Levin teaches at a private academy, and those are not included in civil rights legislation so they can discriminate however they wish ... all-Jewish schools, all-black schools (although an all-white private school would be harassed unmercifully) all-hispanic schools, all-girls schools, all-boys schools, none prohibited by civil rights laws.

    Frankly, I don't have a problem with Levin teaching at a school for Jewish kids; what I have a problem with is his pompous hypocrisy and his deep animosity for Southerners and their history and heritage.

  5. Corey thinks segregating blacks from whites is the only kind of segregation there is. From the NPS: "The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ... outlawed discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin ... and enforced desegregation of schools." Whether Jewish folks are a race or a religious group, to discriminate against them or on their behalf in a public school violates the Civil Rights Act. Since Levin's school is a private institution, it can discriminate, and I have absolutely no problem with that. As I stated before, my problem is with Levin's hypocrisy and his animosity for Southerners.

    1. What it comes down to, Ms. Connie., is that we couldn't care less what folks in Massachusetts or anywhere else are up to. It's none of our business. But they sure seem to care about ours an awful lot. That's the problem. Always has been.

    2. Exactly. We are live-and-let-live, mind-our-own-business kind of people. They are busy-bodies and controllers. The thing is, they don't understand the motes and beams parable. They need to get the beam out of their eye before they start bloviating about the mote in someone else's eye.

  6. To quote Professor Clyde N. Wilson;

    "The Yankees have been trying for 150 years to make us say that they were right and we were wrong. That we are all here today means that they still have not succeeded."

  7. Ms. Connie
    The live and let live attitude with these damn yankess is sho getting old, they hate us with their very being. I don’t think we will every find a common ground, in their view we are beneath them; our history or opinions make know difference to them. These New Englanders have no culture or history they can be proud of.
    There would have been no USA with out the South.
    They attack us without provocation; they think theirs is the truth and only the truth.
    I disagree along with a many of other folks form all walks of life.
    God bless Dixie

    1. Try not to let their delusions get you down too much, Jessie. And count your blessings, that you're one of us, not one of them.

    2. They believe it's their birthright to rule all of America. They're taught this from childhood. The difference is that in the South and West, people are taught, "We're all Americans." In the North, they're taught, "We ARE America."

  8. From Levins blog
    It’s Never Enough (once again on the Black Confederate go-around)

    It sho is good to see these yankee historians fighting amongst them selfs.
    Ms Connie I will always be one of y'all.
    Them folks anit nuthin but noise in the wind, our people know the truth and they(yankees) can holler all they want but we will keep preaching the truth.

    1. "The Great Black Confederate Debate"
      ...- what a load of idiots.

      They don't know enough about it to have a debate.


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