Saturday, January 17, 2015

News and Pics from Lexington

Here are some early pics of the Virginia Flaggers in Lexington for Lee Jackson Day.

And here's reports from the local media. Looks like they didn't find Simpsons information ... informative. At least, not enough to use in their initial reports.

So, once again, Simpson jumps the gun, anxious to ridicule the VaFlaggers for the entertainment of his slavering blog audience. And once again, it backfires, he trips, and lands flat on his face.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy....

Lexington Images, Judy Smith Photography
Slip and Fall Image, the Public Domain
Image processing by C. Ward


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Corey, don't come here with claims of an "honest" question.

    You haven't got it yet, have you? Your credibility is fetid sewage. You ruined it long ago by fabricating fraudulent IDs to gain access to heritage groups (which you are still doing, despite your denials) and then lying about it.

    Like I said, the only people clamoring for a statement from Susan are people who hate her.

  3. Corey is just an internet bully who uses all the classic tactics of that ilk. But his behaviour is also obviously a product of Northern cultural psychology. We've all seen it before, and it never ceases to be both foreign and strange, as well as aggravating.

    1. I agree James. The only reason I support keeping him around is as a constant reminder of the mentality we fight against, and will ultimately defeat.

  4. Corey sent me this -
    "I have found using moles is much more productive than wasting time using fake profiles. I have at least one mole keeping an eye on you right now. Enjoy!"

    Whoop Te Do, I got nothing to hide, I sign MY name to what I post.
    So waddas heneed a mole for ?

    1. Um, well David I could make a suggestion about what he needs a mole for, but I won't out of respect for Connie, any ladies who read this, and because the mental image of Corey Meyer's possible sexual tastes I won't say.

    2. David,

      Is that a threat??? Sounds like it to me.

  5. He is a slimy little weasel who dishonors his Union ancestors, if he has any.


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