Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun at XRoads....

Cute comedy post has gone up at XRoads, though it's error-ridden, as usual. Just some quick corrections.

The flag behind me in the photo of me flagging the county is not on the ground. It's on the concrete base that supports the lamp post. You can see that beneath it, it casts a very small, faint shadow on the concrete of the lamp post base. If the flag were not on the concrete base but behind it, it still wouldn't be on the ground. It would be leaning against the hedge bordering the entry to the courthouse, as the hedge runs right up against the base.

(Photo: S.H.)
Of course, reality doesn't matter to Simpson. If he can construe something negatively, he will. (And he calls me bitter and angry!)

Since he had to use Scott Hamilton's FB avatar image to give his readers an idea of what the flag looks like, one must wonder if his graduate students who comb the net for him are slacking off.  Here's a better picture, with red instead of gold stars.

The rest of the post ... Meh...  On to the comments.

OhioGuy, I displayed my small battle flag the first time I flagged, at the Pensacola Bay Center (the mayor's silly name for the civic center) because my other flags were still packed away. I've used the First National ever since, because, purportedly, the Five Flags are supposed to be the national flags that represented nations of which Pensacola was a part at various times in her history.

Just a suggestion for future reference. Don't get your info about Confederate heritage and our causes from Simpson. He's extremely prejudiced and known to distort and to lie profusely about us.

The following is edited from a message I wrote for people who show interest in a local flagging effort:
Folks, I don't think Pensacola and Escambia County will ever return the battle flag to Five Flags displays. And I'm actually okay with one of the national flags being in the display. I think the Third National would be the most appropriate. I do love the First National, but the fact is, the Confederate Congress voted to replace it.
When the city replaced the battle flag in its displays, people here made a big deal of Confederates abandoning Pensacola and its being in Union hands for much of the war... and that is their reasoning for sticking with the First National. Pensacola was occupied when the flag changes were made.

But...what they don't take into consideration is that the government of Pensacola, rather than sit and take being under federal occupation, up and moved to Greenville, Alabama for the remainder of the war, and carried on city business from there. A lot of Pensacola residents did, too. The State of Florida recognized and approved of the city's move.  So the city of Pensacola remained Confederate throughout the war. Thus, I think the proper flag for the displays -- IF the criteria is that they are flags of nations that governed Pensacola -- is the Third National.    ~Connie
As for Simpson's "position" being misrepresented ... he has a position? I mean, besides denigrating, attacking, harassing, and lying about folks who honor their Confederate heritage? Who knew?

Leo, I am protesting the removal of ALL the flags that were removed -- the Confederate, Spanish, British and French flags -- from the display. If I had the latter three flags, I would be flagging with them, too -- and I may get them.

Also note, Leo, that the Confederacy, its heritage and legacy, are under attack. That is why we defend it. By my experience and observation, Confederate heritage advocates and activists deeply love the South, Southern culture and Southern tradition. But Southern food, music, literature, art, etc., are not under attack, generally speaking, (though there have been a few instances....).

Loss of focus on my blog, Simpson? My blog's header explains it for anyone who isn't determined to misrepresent and misconstrue: Defending Dixie ~ Commentary on pro-Southernism and Southern culture; Confederate history, heritage and activism; religion, politics and America's pop culture; and whatever else I feel like writing about. (Semicolons added to designate line breaks.)


Sarah the Sleuth is back with all kinds of, um, sleuthing that will bore you out of your gourd. And then we have Liberty "Kill Whitey" Lamprey posting this....
The Lamp
January 16, 2015 at 12:05 am

Of course she is unhappy, just look at her! she looks like one of those people Reagan threw out of St Eves back in the 80s and had to live on the streets!

She is a sad reminder of how bad the mental illness problem is in America today.
This from a person with a death fetish who gets off on disturbing, death-themed images like these she posted on her twitter feed...

And this one, advocating the killing of white people.

Keep in mind this person's warning to the Virginia Flaggers in the run-up to the raising of the first I-95 battle flag in Chester:
"Well, they should be scared of us, we win at this game, always have and always will. We would like to help put a stop to this flag going up, but we need a little assistance."
When somebody with a death fetish who posts "Kill Whitey" talks like that, we get a glimpse of real mental illness problems...the sociopathic kind.

BTW, Lamprey, you know there's hope, don't you? Psychiatric medicine progresses all the time. Have you considered treatment? Perhaps anti-psychotic drugs?

Incidentally, have any of my readers ever seen where Simpson admonished Lamprey for her violent Twitter images and the threat to the VaFlaggers she posted on HIS blog?

(Pssst, I'm not unhappy in that picture ... it's just that my knees are killing me, despite which I'm more than happy to stand up for my Confederate heritage in the face of the actions of misguided politicians and assorted haters who want to erase it.)

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