Friday, September 5, 2014

Brooks Simpson Reviews My Novels


As of November 15, Simpson has changed his reviewer name 3 times, from None of your business to One Skeptical Observer, from that to True Confederate Patriot and now Not Connie's Sister. He finally got wise and removed the Wishlist link from his Activity page, as it took the visitor to the wishlist of Brooks Simpson and proved who was leaving the fraudulent reviews.

Also since this post was originally uploaded, he has fraudulent reviews of my other titles, as well.

End of Update

I know y'all are probably tired of the reviews of Southern Man I've been posting lately, but I have one more to feature here, along with a review of Sweet Southern Boys, that Simpson posted at, under the handle "None of your business."
If the screen shots are a little too blurred to read comfortably, here are copy/paste transcripts:
Southern Man
Limp one moment, strident the next
By None of your business on January 7, 2014
Format: Paperback
This novel struck me as rather uneven, even predictable. I found the romantic scenes to be stale and unimaginative rehashs of mediocre bodice-busters. As for the main story, well, that seems contrived. Kudos for the passion and occasional character development.

Sweet Southern Boys
Thinly Disguised Tripe
By None of your business on August 2, 2014
Format: Paperback
Another novel by a southern partisan featuring false accusations of rape ans well as anti-feminist and anti-northern themes. This is not surprising given the author's interests, although googling her name also reveals a rather ugly side to her obsessions. If you share her perspective and can overlook (or embrace) her ugliness, then you'll enjoy the book. 
 I've been debating whether or not I should post these "reviews" here on Backsass. The first one appeared January 7, a day after this Backsass post: -- the second, posted last month, isn't a book review at all, but a typical Simpson attack on me personally. I decided to post about them here because they just illustrate so clearly the desire to denigrate that has characterized Simpson's attacks on Southern heritage folks for so long.

The interesting thing is that if you do as he suggests and google my name, the ugliness you find in the search index is found mainly in the products of his toxic keyboard, posted at his poison blog (and those of his fellow floggers).

I mean, this is a man who creates fake polls in order to lure people to his malignant blog, to see posts meant to smear innocent people. It isn't hard for me to believe he'd create fake book reviews with advice to "google" a search term that will bring up links to posts he has written, designed to smear me.

Oh, and how do I know that "None of your business" is Brooks Simpson? Amazon told me, in a roundabout way. If you go to either of these reviews at Amazon (Southern Man or Sweet Southern Boys) and click the fraudulent name, None of your business, it takes you to this screen: None of your business's Activity.

At the lower left, you see this:

Click "Public Wish List (1)" and it takes you HERE where you find the wish list for Brooks Simpson, which is empty, at present. (If he's deleted it, you can see a screenshot of it HERE.)

I suppose it's possible somebody made a fake profile at Amazon using the name Brooks Simpson. But that doesn't mean he couldn't have made this second Amazon profile himself, solely for the purpose of attempting to hurt my book sales -- and was unaware that Amazon would tell on him. After all (to use a favorite Simpsonism), fake profiles are a flogger favorite.

Yes there is another Amazon profile for Brooks D. Simpson. But given his well documented desire to denigrate, lust to injure, hurt, harass and persecute with words, and his history of same (see here:, and numerous examples of it at X-roads) I would need proof that someone else is using his name (either with or without his knowledge and permission).

If such proof -- and it has to be incontrovertible -- ever shows up, I will withdraw this post. But I seriously doubt I will have reason to do that.

You have to shake your head, though, don'tcha, that someone with a responsible position teaching and influencing impressionable young college kids, someone who is apparently respected in the civil war history community,  is a man of such pettiness and questionable ethics.

Oh, and for the record, I'm not posting this info out of anger, offendedness or sense of injury -- my books and I will be fine. My stories and my writing are good,  as the other Amazon reviews, and the ones I've recently posted here, attest.


  1. Wow, that's crazy. Actually, I think it's sad, more than anything.

  2. The entire Floggersphere is run by people of questionable ethics. I already knew that much about Levin, Hall and a few others, the means they will go through to try (and fail mostly) to discredit people are on par with the sort of behavior one would expect from a bunch of high school cheerleaders singling out and attacking some other girl for being interested in the wrong boy or something. That such behavior actually comes from a group of "educators" and credited historians (at least in some circles) is a good example of the Leftist mentality and how its sees the real world.

    At least you got a review from Simpleton, Connie....he didn't even bother reviewing my old fanfiction stories (at least the ones he found under one name anyhow). And I doubt I'll get any reviews when my short story science fiction stuff get's published next year either.

    1. Hey, Carl! Congrats on the upcoming publication! We know, though, that Simpson's "reviews" of my novels were less "review" and more "attack." That that's precisely what he would have done with your fanfic, and may yet do with your sci-fi short. Attacks and denigration -- that's just his way.

    2. Thanks Connie!
      Well technically its just one short story that's going to be published in an anthology of 20 or so other short sci-fi stories sometime next year. Still its the first thing I've written that is actually going to be put in print, which is pretty cool for me.

      Since I wrote it under a pseudonym I won't give any of the Flogger failures the opportunity to cause any trouble there. Plus (with the exception of the alternate history series I'm working on) the story has zip to do with either WBTS history, or with politics, so the only reason to make an issue would be petty and small-minded internet trolling.

  3. Corey says, "Once again Connie looks like she is up to her usual dishonest photoshopping."


    I took screen shots. The only photoshopping I did was to resize the images to fit on my blog-space. And I put links to the actual pages at Amazon, so anybody can go there and see them first hand.

    Except for the resizing, if you can find any discrepancies between what's on Amazon and what I posted here, identify them.

    I even acknowledged that somebody besides Simpson COULD have created that profile and COULD have written the reviews. But it's not likely. The reviews have Simpson wrote all over them, even with the "typo" and the Corey-like awkwardness of language. The denigration and attempted harm are Simpson hallmarks.

  4. Corey, all the links in this piece work for me. If you're talking about the Bash Dixie link, it had an extra character in it, a close parenthesis -- i.e., one of these: ) -- at the end, but it still took you to Simpson's fake Connie-bashing blog. Most people who've been on the Internet as long as you have realize that when a link has an extra character after the final / you can put your cursor in the address bar, backspace over the extra character, hit "enter" (or "return") and the link then works properly.

    But since that might be a little too complex to you, I've removed the ) and the link now takes you to the first post on the blog.

    By the way, when the link had the extra ) and took you to the blog but not to a particular post on the blog, you could easily click the index in the right sidebar and see all the posts. You being a former blogger, I would have thought you'd'a known that....


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