Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hoist by His Own Petard

Sez De'Stroy, "Our favorite Flagger has FAILed again. In a now deleted post to her blog Backsass, Connie Chastain ran with a partly erroneous story because she didn't take the time to check the information for accuracy and truthfulness before posting it herself."

He's talking about a comment I made in the Notices, Quickies and Updates sidebar:
Alternative news sites are reporting that a neighbor of San Bernardino killers did not report the pair to authorities after witnessing suspicious activity at their apartment for fear he would be labeled racist. And so 14 people were murdered, with 21 wounded. INFO HERE. As one Facebook poster noted, "We would rather see innocents killed than to be call racist." Thanks to people who call innocents "racists" like the typical Flagger-haters I do word-battle with.
Actually, it's De'Stroy who can't take the time to check what he posts for accuracy.  My post is not "now deleted." It was moved from Notices, Updates & Quickies sidebar to the regular post area. It is part of a blog entry titled,  Mr. Simpson, THIS Is Why I Do Not Want Islam In the United States.

The indented paragraph above was copied from the sidebar to the main post area word for word.

Destroy further sez, "It wasn't a neighbor at all who witnessed whatever the person claims to have witnessed, it was a 'man who has been working in the area'."

Ah, but De'Story, that's not the person I was talking about. I was talking about the terrorists' neighbor, not somebody working in the neighborhood. Maybe there were news stories reporting on comments by two different individuals, but the one I'm talking about is a neighbor of the late jihadists.  Here, read these and take the time to check what you post for accuracy.  This is what I was talking about:!/804224014132540697.html

What I commented on was truthful and accurate. De'Stroy is a liar, or else a shoddy researcher. Either one demonstrates his hatred of heritage peeps, and either one proves that what he says cannot be trusted.

I mean, seriously, this is about the point that we are at right now in this country. Moronic Americans who think like this sit around reading erroneous info on dumb blogs like "Restoring the Honor" and "Crossroads" that come nowhere close to having even a shred of journalistic integrity, which in turn fuels their hatred. They then in turn spout their hatred at people they don't even understand and have never met because they think they know what Confederate heritage is all about.**

De'Stroy -- hoist by his own petard... Doing what he accuses others of doing.... It's the flogger way....

** Paraphrased from De'Stroy's blog


  1. When a person has to go nit picking, this is what usually happens. De'Stroy you have just been schooled.


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