Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jazz Interlude

Incredible. Two men and two pianos and that's all. No strings no horns or woodwinds, no percussion. 

I've looked for these songs on YouTube for years. I recently discovered they were uploaded just three months ago. I've had this album/CD since the mid-1990s and it's one of my favorites and I really wanted to share it online. Now I can! There are some songs on it I like better than others, but none I dislike.

I heard the title tune, We Meet Again, on a local jazz station probably in 1993 or so and bought the album for that, but discovered other tunes I liked, too. Nigerian Marketplace (written by Oscar Peterson), is a very close second favorite.  Django and Cooking at the Continental are great, too.

There is so much ambience and memory/emotion/nostalgia wrapped up in these tunes. Some bittersweet, and We Meet Again, has a haunting, dark quality to it. It was written for these two great pianists, Ramsey Lewis and Billy Taylor, for this album, by Chick Corea.

If you like crossover jazz, enjoy!

Nigerian Marketplace (Oscar Peterson)

We Meet Again (Chick Corea)

Django (John Lewis)

Cooking at the Continental (Horace Silver)

I Guess I'm Just A Lucky So And So (Duke Ellington)

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