Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mr. Simpson, THIS Is Why I Do Not Want Islam In the United States

"We would rather see innocents killed than to be call racist."
Facebook Poster      

San Bernardino Shooting: At Least 14 People Killed
By Devlin Barrett and Jim Carlton
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.—At least two shooters stormed a holiday gathering for county employees here Wednesday, killing at least 14 people in the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. in the past three years, authorities said.
Breitbart: **LIVE UPDATES*** San Bernardino Shooting Day Two: The Jihadis Next Door
Alternative news sites are reporting that a neighbor of San Bernardino killers did not report the pair to authorities after witnessing suspicious activity at their apartment for fear he would be labeled racist. And so 14 people were murdered, with 21 wounded. INFO HERE. As one Facebook poster noted, "We would rather see innocents killed than to be call racist." Thanks to people who call innocents "racists" like the typical Flagger-haters I do word-battle with. MORE INFO HERE.
Forget ISIS, mass shooters and other assorted Islamic terrorists. The greatest threats to America (after climate change) are Southern heritage folks (like the VaFlaggers) and their dangerous, violent Confederate flags. Just ask Brooks Simpson, DeStroy and their followers.
PBS mass shooting map is misleading  Designed to push the gun control agenda that would leave more Americans defenseless and set them up to be slaughtered, as in San Bernardino.
The Terrorist's House Was A 'Bomb Making Factory'
By Joel B. Pollak for Breitbart
Fox News reports that the suspects’ apartment was a “bomb-making factory,” with improvised explosive devices (IED) and remote-controlled cars for delivering explosives to their targets.
The suspects are said to have attacked the holiday party wearing body armor and GoPro cameras to record their exploits.
San Bernardino killings a result of the left's P.C. war against 'hurt feelings'  Herman Cain
Facebook Recap:
Due to climate change, yesterday's workplace violence took place in San Bernardino, CA. So, in order to ensure that we can combat this from happening in the future, we must have stricter gun laws; because discharging weapons creates a "greenhouse" effect that only affects Muslims. This type of violence doesn't take place anywhere else in the world, only in America. And, because God isn't fixing this...we must. ~Daniel Garrett


  1. "We would rather see innocents killed than to be call racist."

    This PC world we live in can be deadly...

    1. ain't it amazing???????


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