Monday, December 14, 2015

Interesting Comparison

US Uncut has compiled a list of anti-Muslim hate crimes that have occurred in the USA since Donald Trump's comments about temporarily barring Muslim immigration.

==========Compare these (some injuries, property damage, verbal threats and ranting)...
In Florida, Islamic Center windows smashed, furniture overturned.

St. Louis, Former Marine threatens to chop off the heads of any Muslims who come to his home.

Manhattan -- Restaurant customer goes off on antiMuslim rant, punched an employee who attempted to intervene. Escorted out of restaurant, returned and threw a chair through a glass partition.

U.S. Rep. André Carson (D-Ind.), one of only two Muslims members of Congress, received a death threat.

In Philadelphia, a pig's head is thrown from pickup truck at dorr of Islamic Society.

Islamic Center in Idaho vandalized with words “HUNT CAMP?” spray painted on windows.

New Jersey mosque received an anonymous letter telling members to “go back to the desert.”

Somali-owned restaurant in North Dakota set on fire with Molotov cocktail.

A Penn State student threatens an Indian student and is charged with felony ethnic intimidation, and faces misdemeanor charges of terroristic threatening, simple assault, disorderly conduct and stalking and harassment.

Owner of food mart in Queen assaulted by attacker who said "I kill Muslims."

Sikh temple 50 miles from San Bernardion vandalized.

Ride-share driver in Seattle was assaulted by a man who accused him of being a terrorist.

A Somali-born teen was beaten and thrown from a sixth-story window in Seattle (I have not been able to find anything confirming this was Islam related)

In Texas, a Muslim family had their windows smashed twice by an unknown assailant; they believe the attacks are due to their religion.

A California Department of Corrections employee was was caught on video attacking two Muslim men praying in a public park with her fists and a cup of hot coffee.

California, CAIR office received letter tht said, "Die a painful death, Muslims" and contained suspicious white powder, which was tested and determined harmless.

Tampa. One woman reported being shot at as she was leaving a mosque. Another woman reported that a man cut her off in traffic, threw rocks at her vehicle, exited his vehicle and screamed at her.

Windows were smashed and an office under construction was ransacked at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

Mosque in Coachella, California, not far from San Bernardino, was firebombed.
==========...with these (murder, death, injury, bloodshed)
Murdering terrorist jihadists have beheaded children in Syria, burned alive, drown and blown people up, thrown homosexual men to their deaths off the rooftops of multi-story buildings. An estimated 138,858 have been killed in Syria.

In the United States....

Jihadists murdered 2,977 and injured 6,000+ people in the September 11 attacks.

Ft. Hood jihadist victims: 13 murdered and 30 and injured.

Boston Marathon bombing victims: 3 dead, 264 injured.

Woman in Moore, OK, beheaded by Shariah advocate terrorist.

Chattanooga -- 5 murdered, 2 injured by a jihadist terrorist.

San Bernardino -- 14 murdered, 17 injured by a pair of radicalized Islamic jihadists...

This comparison is not to say it's okay to destroy the property of Muslims, or to injure them, or threaten them, etc. It is just to show the difference.... A difference that DeStroy can't discern. How sad....

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