Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Pack of Lies from Brooks Simpson's Crossroads

Simpson has titled the blog entry I'm currently discussing thusly: "The League of the South Calls for Violence?" This is a prime example of his slimy manipulation of the language. He ends a statement with a question mark so he will have an out, if needed.
Somebody: "You said the League of the South calls for violence!"
Simpson: "No, I didn't. I merely asked if they do."
XRoads is full of this kind of smelly, slimy butt-covering.

So he pretends to ask if the League calls for violence and replies, "Well... you tell me..."

And, after the screenshot of Hill's post, and a photo, Simpson says, "Then again, Michael Hill is rather fond of Pat Hines. That’s right, Pat Hines."

And later, "Yet you won’t have Ms. Chastain take Hines seriously. Why is that? Skeered that she’d fall out of favor with her fellow white nationalists? Or is it okay for people to threaten terrorist violence, so long as they are white people like Ms. Chastain? Or maybe she just doesn’t like children unless they are sweet (white) southern boys."

This is such a pack of lies, it's hard to know where to start. First, what I didn't take seriously was a comment Pat Hines left on an old Facebook group of mine years ago. However, just because I didn't take his blow-hard swagger seriously, that doesn't mean I think it's okay for people to threaten terrorist violence. Simpson knows this. This is just more of his deliberate slimy falsification.  (Unless, of course, he really is developing Alzheimer's, and doesn't remember all this... the likelihood of which I think is slim to none.)

This is all covered extensively at the links below. Skim them and see if you can find where I consider "white nationalists" to be my fellows. Try to find where I say it's okay for white people (or any people) to threaten terrorist violence. Try to find where I don't like children. And then try to come away from this believing that Brooks Simpson is not a hater and a despicable liar.

And Simpson's lies and distortions are found here:

You will also find in those links discussions that clearly delineate what I disagree with the League about, and why I am no longer a supporter. I also think the League has marginalized itself and greatly reduced its influence and impact, which is unfortunate because I still believe the South would be better off as a nation on its own, out from under the corrupt thumb of Washington, D.C., which makes me a Southern nationalist. I think the region needs an independence movement headed up by a savvy, viable organization, but whether one will arise remains to be seen. 

So there is much I disagree with the League about, much to criticize about the organization. However,  I draw the line at lies about the League. Hill's "The End Game" is clearly about the threat of violence (invasion that threatens land, property and life itself) and what will stop it -- fighting back. If Simpson disapproves of self-defense and survival, by anyone, he has again lowered his already deeply deficient measure of moral authority.  


Simpson has updated his slime with this:
[UPDATE: Note: Ms. Chastain labels these mass killings as terrorism. Fine by me. She’s thus admitting that the League of the South’s Hines advocates terrorism, and she’s not all that bothered by it. At most she thinks it’s tactically flawed.]
Admitting? I called it that when Hines first posted it. Simpson knows this; he posted it at his hate blog:

Skim this post folks, which has a copy of a private Facebook message thread between myself and Michael Hill, and try to come away believing I'm not bothered by Hines' advocating terrorism and that at most I think it's tactically flawed.  Read all the posts I've linked to above and see just what a slimy lie Simpson's "update" is.

Stay tuned, folks. I'm not done with this. Not by a long shot.


  1. Corey, I'm only defending the League from Simpson's LIES. Not defending what they espouse that I disagree with. Is that too deep and complex for you to conceptualize?

  2. "Simpson has updated his slime with this:
    [UPDATE: Note: Ms. Chastain labels these mass killings as terrorism. Fine by me."

    Yeah and you know who else labels these mass killings in California as terrorism, dear professor? The FBI that's who." LOL!

  3. Simpson has no problem letting his commenters espouse doing violence to Confederate heritage defenders on his blog.


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