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DeStroy is beside himself over my sidebar=====>> comment about mosque closings in France and the French authorities uncovering hundreds of weapons stockpiled by jihadists, because -- to him -- I made it sound like the weapons were found in the mosques. 

He sez I'm lying.

But my comment doesn't say "France shut down three mosques where they found hundreds of weapons."

That is the association HE makes. That is what HE fills in the ellipses with.

Let's break down my statement like he did:
"France shut down three mosques..."
True statement, according to news reports.
"... found hundreds of weapons."
Also a true statement, according to news reports.

De'Stroy says, "Chastain purposely followed up the report of the closure of three  mosques in France by deceptively trying to tie it to reports of hundreds of weapons being found. The problem? They are generally unrelated."

No deception. Moreover, the mosque raids and the discovery of weapons are NOT "generally unrelated."  They both occurred as a result of the November 13th Muslim jihadist terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people and injured 368 others.

Interesting that DeStroy doesn't mention a syllable about that.

Then he takes this quote of mine, "How many churches in the USA stockpile weapons?" and sez, "This is  where the slimeball gets really slimy though..."
He follows this with some questions I will be most happy to answer:

DeStroy: Oh, why? Is it because people who go to church are always nice, wholesome people?

Me: Nope.  It's because Christianity (and those are primarily the US churches I had in mind) is concerned with the afterlife more than earthly life. Islam teaches about an afterlife, but seems more focused on temporal existence, particularly establishing a theocracy to rule the entire world and all people, achieved by violence, if necessary. By contrast, Christ said, "My kingdom is not of this world." Yes, Christians in the US are concerned with what goes on in the here and now, but they are not concerned with establishing a Christian theocracy to rule all the people of the earth.

DeStroy: Whatever. The  takeaway that Chastain hopes her readers will walk away with is that Christians are not like Muslims.

Me: DeStroy's crystal ball seems to be on the fritz, especially the mind-reading component. What I'm saying is that Christianity is not like Islam.

DeStroy: She  is trying to paint ALL Muslims as violent, hateful people.

Me: I'm not sure where he gets that from. You won't find it in anything I've written. He must be projecting, since his MO is to paint all heritage folks as violent, hateful white supremacists.  That's the takeaway he wants his readers to come away with.... I, on the other hand, am quite diligent to identify the Muslims I object to as "jihadists" and "terrorists" -- who certainly are not all Muslims. I've clearly stated before that my problem is with Islam, the ideology masquerading as religion -- with Shariah law, and the attempts by Muslims in America to elevate Shariah law above the laws of the United States.

 DeStroy: It is because she hates Muslims, and she wants  you to hate them too. ALL of them.

Me: He's gone off the deep end here. Pathetic, but there's likely a reason for it, in his little mind.  DeStroy hates heritage folks -- ALL of them -- and wants you to hate them, too. Nevertheless, one has to wonder if he agrees with Islamic law....

Frankly, I feel sorry for most Muslims, trapped in such a horrific religion (i.e., ideology) and many ending up victims of it. (I've read that the largest group targeted and murdered by Islam is ... Muslims).

He ends with this truly jaw-dropping, breathtaking disconnect: "False and misleading Anti-Islamic rhetoric like what Chastain is known to espouse (I don't espouse that; that's DeStroy's deliberately false "interpretation") is likely to be a  contributing factor is cases of bigoted Americans who take matters into their own hands. (Laughably ludicrous! My little blog -- which doesn't even say what what he's falsely claiming?) This is why we think Chastain is at the very least irresponsible. (That's not what you think; you know you're lying, but you do it anyway, so strong is your hatred for Confederate heritage folks) At some point, someone is really going to get hurt, and the  root cause will be the Anti-Islamic hate speech being parroted by haters like Chastain."

Someone's really going to get hurt? You mean like this?
Murdering terrorist jihadists have beheaded children in Syria, burned alive, drown and blown people up, thrown homosexual men to their deaths off the rooftops of multi-story buildings. An estimated 138,858 have been killed in Syria.

Jihadists murdered 2,977 and injured 6,000+ people in the September 11 attacks. 

Ft. Hood jihadist victims: 13 murdered and 30 and injured.

Boston Marathon bombing victims: 3 dead, 264 injured. 

Woman in Moore, OK, beheaded by Shariah advocate terrorist.

Chattanooga -- 5 murdered, 2 injured by a jihadist terrorist.

San Bernardino -- 14 murdered, 17 injured by a pair of radicalized Islamic jihadists...
And except for mentioning Syria, I haven't recounted jihadist terrorist murders outside the United States.

Here's a list of Islamic terrorists attacks since the 1980s.   Note, this doesn't list those in the 1960s (including Bobby Kennedy's assassination by Sirhan Sirhan) and 1970s (including Israeli athletes murdered at the Olympics in Munich, 1972),

THAT is where "anti-Islamic hatred" comes from, DeStroy. The murdering, terrorist jihadists, not from my obscure little blog.

What's really interesting about all this, folks, is how het up he gets over words but not acts and deeds. This is where authoritarian political correctness has brought us. If you hate somebody the way DeStroy hates heritage peeps, what those peeps say (or, in some cases, what they don't say) is vastly more important to you than what other people do. For example, to people like DeStroy, pointing out the horrific level of black crime in the US is worse than, well, the horrific level of crimes committed by blacks.

He ends by saying, "Some might even call it incitement," -- "it" being my comments against Islamic jihadist terrorism or even the incompatibility of Shariah law with the Constitution.

If that's what he thinks incitement is, his blog is nothing but a huge, steaming, fetid, gag-inducing  pile of hatred for and incitement against Confederate heritage supporters.

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  1. De'Stroy is just beside himself because he thinks I said weapons were found inside French mosques. I didn't say that.

    He says my comment that "How many churches in the USA stockpile weapons?" implies weapons were found in French mosques.

    Well, reports indicate that Kalashnikov ammunition was found stashed at one of the mosques. Perhaps De'Stroy doesn't realize it, but ammunition is considered weapons.

    And it stands to reason there will be weapons hidden in French mosques -- why does he think the police are raiding them? Looking for genie lamps, priceless Persian rugs, or Bingo cheat sheets?

    After all, weapons have been found stashed in mosques all over the place -- Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, the Gaza Strip, several locations in the UK, Iraq....

    Reports indicate France has many more mosques to raid.

    De'Stroy can wallow in his leftist peace-love-and-tolerance starshine and moonbeam ignorance all he wants, but Islam is dangerous ... I hope he never has occasion do discover that personally.


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