Friday, June 15, 2012

Kevin Levin Ain't the Voice of God

Kevin Levin writes:
I suspect that the Confederate flag story out of Lexington will go viral by the end of the day. No doubt, we will be treated to the standard mainstream media narrative of an unfinished Civil War as well as the overly defensive posture of the SCV. Already we’ve heard from Brandon Dorsey, who is the local SCV commander in Lexington:
As far as I am concerned, this is little different that some states shutting down all their public schools to avoid desegregation and then claiming their motivation for closing them is of no concern because they screwed over everyone.
Oh brother. Pass the hyperbole. The SCV and other heritage groups have staked everything on the display of the Confederate flag. It’s all or nothing. Any attempt at limiting its visibility is seen as an attack on their history and heritage as if they alone have a monopoly on the Southern past.
What tripe! Just because the SCV's defense of the flag is the only thing Kevin Levin pays attention to does not meant that's the only thing the SCV cares about or works on. Sheesh.
The days when the Confederate flag represented a people, a culture, and a history are over. Thankfully, we now live in a time when an ever wider spectrum of voices are able to make their voices heard and they are adamant that the flag ought not to be displayed on public property and/or supported with taxpayer dollars. Why? Because of its history and nothing the SCV or anyone else says or does can change the flag’s symbolic connection to a history of violence and racism. I suspect that most reasonable people would agree that there are settings in which its display is appropriate and even necessary, but that is a discussion the SCV will not consider.
The days when the Confederate flag was connected with violence and racism are over. Today, hysterical charges of racism are the last gasp of the sick and weakened left struggling for relevance. Thankfully, we now live in a time when all voices are supposed to be heard. Unfortunately, people like Kevin Levin apply that principle selectively. Regardless, Southern heritage advocates are slowly turning the tide of public opinion despite the best efforts of Dixie-bashing bloggers like Levin to prevent it. Keeping Southern history and heritage "evil" is what "memory" type blogs like his are all about.
This has nothing to do with hating the South or “evilizing” the Confederacy. That is as unimaginative an argument as one can make and as we have seen it will lead to the SCV’s continued marginalization in society. The SCV’s decision to stake everything on the flag reflects a simplistic understanding of the very history and heritage that they claim to defend. Instead of wasting limited resources on court cases, television ads, and airplane banners they should be thinking of creative ways to share the rich history of the Confederacy and their ancestors in their local communities.
It has everything to do with hating the South and evilizing the Confederacy, which is Kevin Levin's whole motivation for teaching, blogging and writing. The SCV isn't marginalized in society because of anything it does; it is marginalized for the same reason family, religion and tradition are attacked and marginalized by the insidious forces participating in Gramsci's long march though the institutions. Moreover, the SCV hasn't staked everything on the flag. The are defending it because it is the number one target of the heritage erasers....
When it comes to the Confederate flag the SCV is doomed to fail and they deserve everything they get.
Ah, yes. The hubris... the arrogance. Spoken as if by someone who thinks it's the voice of God speaking...

It ain't.

He doesn't seem to realize that the courts aren't the only legitimate way to change things.... There's already efforts organizing to replace at the ballot box Lexington's elected officials who are evilizing the South and its history and heritage by targeting its symbols for erasure.


  1. AAAmen Connie! Levin loves to point out the fights over desegragation in the South, but as I remember the loudest outcry in the nation came from his cxurrent city of Boston! I suggest that he get the log out of his own eye before fe concerns himself over the splinter thaat is in the eye of another!

  2. Kevin Ain't the voice of God !

    However if you ask him he is
    "OZ The great and powerful"

    But just ignore the man behind the
    curtain !

  3. Stan, no doubt about it, Kevin strains out gnats and swallows camels....

    Dave... OZ, the Great and Powerful! LOL!!! Wicked he-witch of the North? Watch out for flyin' monkeys....


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