Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vampires in D.C.

I recently read this somewhere, in connection with the movie about Abe Lincoln hunting vampires....
"In May, while making a first person Lincoln simulcast presentation to three middle school classrooms, I was asked at the very end of the event, ‘Are you a vampire hunter?’ I responded with: ‘All men are created equal in the fact that all men are entitled to the wages earned by their labors. If some one steals your labor then they are stealing your work, your sweat and blood. Whether it is just your work and sweat or just your blood, the thief may be understood to be a vampire.’ Light bulbs came on over the heads of the students and teachers."

I guess that makes the U.S. government a vampire, since it steals people's labor -- their work, sweat and blood -- for about a third or more of every year....

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