Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cousin Perfesser Lyin' Again

Cousin-Perfesser-trying-to-be-anonymous is doing what he does best -- lyin' like a rug....

My blog essay about the sins of the USA absolving the Confederacy for the "sin" of slavery did not make the point "two wrongs make a right (or make the first one right)," as he's trying to claim, and was never intended to.

I've had others disagree with my opinion, and that's fine. It is just my opinion; and when the disagreeing is civil and thoughtful, I don't mind the challenge.

What makes the sins of the United States government relevant in this issue is that the Union made brutal war on the South. It wasn't without sin but it cast the first stone at the Confederacy, and then, buried the South with boulders of brutality -- why? For being no worse than the union. And then the United States went for a hundred and fifty more years accumulating more sin -- one of them the continued economic and social oppression of Southerners.

The reason I originally put "sins" in irony quotes is because the people (with a handful of exceptions) who convicted the South of this particular sin never considered it a sin when THEY were doing it -- and thus had no moral authority for their barbaric war on the South. All the sins of the USA that came afterward just underscores their unfitness for taking it upon themselves to judge and punish.

But maybe the simplistic notion of two wrongs don't make a right is the greatest depth of complexity Cousin Perfesser can conceptualize. If that's the extent of his analytical abilities, attempting to explain it to him will be futile. It's hilarious, though, in view of his talking about seeing "how someone's excuse for a brain works."

He loves to disparage the intelligence of people he hates, and does it in both of his blogs. I guess calling other folks "stoopid" gives people like him a boost of confidence about their own ... intellectual abilities....and feeds his self-aggrandizement. Wonder if he does it to students in his classroom....

I don't like throwing off on people's mental capabilities except as satire, as it was in this case. Generally speaking, people have no control over the level of their intelligence. Anyone who sincerely and seriously denigrates another person's intelligence is behaving reprehensibly, the same as making fun of someone who is mentally retarded. So I confine my comments about Cousin Perfesser's intelligence to satirical counter-attacks -- i.e., in response to his attacks on other people's intelligence.

I know he's intellectually capable... That's why I prefer to keep my genuine denigration of him focused on something else -- his questionable ethics, basically, his lying about me, about Southern heritage, about others he takes a dislike to -- sometimes with big, baldfaced lies, sometimes with sneaky, snide innuendo...

Of course, he can't do satire -- slapstick schtick is as close as he can come -- so lies are about the only thing he has to fall back on...

So he lies like a rug....

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  1. Sometimes ya gotta put the rug on a close line ans wallop it ta get the dirt out !


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