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The following went up on the Confederate Flagging blog Friday, June 15. Time stamp sez 6:10 p.m.
Friday, June 15, 2012

I want to take this moment to put forth my most sincere apology to anyone, especially my instructor and the University of Virginia staff and/or students who, may have seen this site before I actually launched the site. It came to my attention through my instructor as he checked and verified our class blogs that someone had posted inappropriate pictures on my blog. This blog is going to be used as a sounding board for discussion in a class that I am taking this summer in Philosophy dealing with the effect symbols. I chose to do my discussion on the Confederate Flag. To my dismay, some of my friends uploaded an number of saucy images to this page and for that I am truly sorry.

Check back soon for updates on my discussion about the Confederate flag and its symbolism in modern America.

Thanks for your understanding.

Victor "Vic" Hatcher
Aw, the contrition brings a tear to your eye, don't it? I got a lump in my throat....

I do have a few questions and observations, howsomever.

But first, I note the "coincidence" that "Victor" makes his apologetic first post on the very self-same day that Corey Meyer crawls out from wherever he's been to post at The Blood of My Kindred. Ya know, he's been AWOL over there since June 9, 2012 at 9:36 pm when he posted, "Good, let her….she can also take a flying leap off a bridge while she is at it." He was talking about moi... And he hasn't posted on his Facebook wall since June 10...

Interesting how "they" "both" found time to post on the Internet on exactly the same day...

The first thing I notice about University of Virginia student "Victor 'Vic' Hatcher," is that he has the punctuation skills of a elementary schooler, kinda like the grammar skills of college graduate Rob "Tu Quoque" Bakur.... In yer first sentence, Vic, the comma should go before "who" -- not after it. And this phrase -- through my instructor as he checked and verified our class blogs-- should be set off by commas. And didja mean "effect of symbols"? But that's a bit petty, so let's move on.

If the blog is to be about the effect of symbols, and the symbol "Vic" chose is the Confederate flag, why is the blog named Confederate Flagging? Is he gonna discuss the effect of the Confederate flag, which is an object, or of flagging, which is an activity?

If the blog is to be for a summer project, why was it was created in March -- March 12th, according to Blogger. It made the Google index March 27. Our boy "Vic" must've been a Boy Scout, and the motto "Be Prepared" really "took" with him.... He signed up for his blog more than a month before summer enrollment began....

If the pornographic (not saucy, Vic, not "inappropriate" but pornographic) pictures were uploaded, to his dismay, by some of his friends instead of himself -- why did "Vic" create a blog using the name "Rebel Flag" instead of "Victor 'Vic' Hatcher", particularly since it was for a class assignment?

And how did his "friends" happen to have access to the controls for his blog? Was it a team blog? If it was his blog only, did they come up to him one day and say, "We'd like access to post on your blog, not just comment," and did he just up and give it to them?

Fishy. Very, very fishy.

The porno pics -- at least, some of them -- have been up there since Google indexed the blog on March 27, because blog author "Rebel Flag" wrote a description that showed up in the Google index that so indicated... "A Blog About The Confederate Flag & Its Uses. Tuesday, March 27, 2012. Nice & Naughty Confederate Flags. Posted by Rebel Flag at 7:13 p.m."

How come neither "Vic" nor his philosophy instructor, discovered the porno pics until last Thursday, June 9?????

I wonder who his philosophy instructor is.... Here's the faculty and staff of the Philosophy Department at the University of Virginia...

Obviously, Vic isn't a graduate student in the philosophy department, cuz here's a list of their names:

Of course, you don't have to be a graduate student in philosophy to take a course in it over the summer.... but you do have to be a student.... and, when you do a search of all University students with the last name of Hatcher.... guess what! Victor ain't listed!

Here are the folks at the University of Virginia named "Hatcher" (I've marked the students with a big, red asterisk):

Look, I know a cock-and-bull story when I see one. The blog was created by Corey Meyer in March 2012, because that was a very active month for the Virginia Flaggers, and he hates the Virginia Flaggers. In fact, it's a toss up who/what Corey hates more -- the Confederate flag, the
SCV, the Virginia Flaggers, or any Confederate descendant and/or heritage advocate who respects the flag. But he has given special attention to the Virginia flaggers on his blog.

Corey likes pictures of babes in tiny little clothes with Confederate flag motifs. He may like pictures of chicks in tiny little clothes without Confederate flag motifs (or without clothes at all), but of course, he can't use those to besmirch Southern heritage, so we don't see such on his blog. With his "Confederate Flagger" blog, he could kill two birds with one stone...indulge his obsession with near-naked (and in some cases, totally naked) wimmin, and fan his obsession with trashing the Confederate flag.

But...he slipped up. He was too insistent on pushing the porno blog and getting a rise out of heritage folks.

On March 17, he promoted it to me in a Facebook messaging thread using his profile Kindred Blood.

On May 9, he promoted it to me in a Facebook messaging thread using his fake profile Robert Billy -- which he admitted was a fake profile.

And on June 8, he promoted it using his fake profile Tyler Ratke, first on his wall and then in a thread on Backsass, pretending to disapprove of it. He also posted it in another Southern heritage group, pretending disapproval, but it was taken down in that group fairly quickly. It was possibly Southern Heritage, Fight For It or Lose It, because a few days before, "Tyler" had posted on Backsass seeking help to access that group. There's no telling how many others he sent the link to.

Yes, this is not proof. There is a very, very slender chance that the anti-Confederate porno blogger is not Corey Meyer. But given his extremely questionable ethics and his long, smelly, and proven track record for lying, why should anyone believe his denials? Until there is proof that the blogger is somebody else -- not some made-up student with an idiotic "explanation" nobody with sense can believe -- the charge stands.

From a Facebook message thread:

Kindred Blood
March 27
And you thought Ru Paul was bad....
Confederate Flagging

Connie Chastain
March 27
Get off on that site, do you, Corey? You know it's sickening, don't you? So is Rawls putting these pics in the Appomattox Museum?

Kindred Blood
March 27
I made no judgment of the site only noting that if you did not approve of the Paul picture than this should set you on fire...but it is all subjective to you and your ilk. Did it turn you on?

Connie Chastain
March 27
It made me sick. I see it's brand new, dates from this month, it's anonymous, and named to insult the Flaggers. Is it your site? Did you make it? Is this site going into the Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox, like the Ru Paul display?

Kindred Blood
March 27
I did not make it...I stubbled on it looking for other stuff...I think it is pretty funny many different views of the rebel rag in all its glory! LOL...someone has a sense of humor!

Connie Chastain
March 27
You stumbled on it? LOL!! Somebody's attempting to purposely denigrate the flag, and you're lapping it up like a kitten. It's not funny, and if you think sexual degradation like that is funny, you need to not be teaching children.

Image Credits:
Bull -- Malene Thyssen on Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.
Rooster -- Žiga on Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


  1. It seems once again Corey has entered a battle of wits unarmed !

  2. I did an image search.

    The person pictured as "Victor Hatcher" on the Confederate Flagging site appears to be-


  3. I did an image search.

    The person pictured as "Victor Hatcher" on the Confederate Flagging site appears to be-



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