Sunday, June 17, 2012

NEWS FLASH! Vic Hatcher Ain't Vic Hatcher!

Well, well, WELL ... what have we here? It seems that "Victor 'Vic' Hatcher" -- student at the University of Virginia who was so stupid he let his friends upload pornographic photos to his philosophy project blog -- is, in reality race car diver and Hollywood hunk Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

What's that smell coming from your computer? Didn't you notice it, folks? Didn't you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity from your computer?... There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity... You can smell it. It smells like hypocrisy -- to paraphrase Tennessee Williams.

This cinches it. There is absolutely no reason to believe a thing Corey Meyer says. He is morally and ethically deficient. A proven liar. Slimy. Smelly.

More info on Arie here: More pics here:

Many thanks to Border Ruffian who brought Arie to my attention two days after the pic went up at the 'Confederate Flagging' blog.. I hardly ever watch TV and I'm not a race fan, so I might not have found him for months, if ever.

It'll be interesting to see what Corey does with the Confederate Flagging blog now. Will he keep digging himself deeper into the hole and fabricate yet another lie to cover up all the ones that have gone before? Or will man up and admit that he's the porno-blogger and acknowledge all the other lies he's told from his motivation of animosity for the Confederate flag and Southern heritage/


  1. Oh your hand caught in the cookie jar this time huh? He he he!

  2. I am wondering why it is that I spent a good long while trying to find this picture on Google, and you found it so quickly.

    Oh the insinuations.

  3. Rob, why did you spend so long trying to identify the picture?

    Border Ruffian was the one who found it. I don't know how he did it.

    I tried a Tin Eye reverse image search and found nothing. But I just now tried a Google reverse image search (didn't know until now you could do that in Google) and it came up with a guy on The Bachelorette -- wrong guy, it said Sean Lowe, but if I'd had that much info, I could have gone on to find is real identity...

  4. Same reasons I told you before Connie. I don't take anything for face value.

  5. Do you not also think it is silly that someone would use an actor from a reality show as the fake profile picture? Seems like faulty logic to me unless they were attempting to demonstrate later that the profile created was fake with an actor photo. That's why I tried Google image search, to see if I could hit the right search phrase such as "College kid with blue background" to find the picture at random.

  6. Rob, I would be distancing myself from Corey, not jumping in the life boat with him ! Just Sayin --

  7. Rob, I think the profile pic of "Victor Hatcher" (Arie Luyendyk, Jr.) was silly; I also think it was an attempt to deceive. Very likely, if I had not exposed the "Victor Hatcher" profile as a fraud, it would still be online.

    Searching for images with keywords sometimes works; so does doing a reverse image search.

  8. A reverse image search would be yield the same results. I am trying to find the picture at random like the poster of the fake profile.

  9. Google has an image search where you can upload the image itself.

    Click on 'images' at the tool bar (top of page) then click on the camera in the block where you would normally type in words.
    That brings up a small window that asks for either a URL address or an image from your computer. "Victor Hatcher" was easy to find.

  10. Let me try to explain this again. It makes absolutely no sense, to willingly post an actors photo (regardless of where it came from). I am attempting (or attempted rather as I don't care anymore) to find the picture using random phrases. By using random phrases, you are in fact stumbling across the photo rather than taking it from IMDB (for example). It's possible that "Vic" knew you'd figure that out and spend several weeks complaining about it.


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