Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh, What a Tangled Web They Weave...

Coupla days ago, somebody using the Facebook profile Tyler Ratke posted on his wall, and on Backsass, a link to a blog titled "Confederate Flaggers" which combines hatred for the flag as well as hatred of Southern heritage and its advocates, with pornographic filth.

The wall post included Tyler's very poorly feigned "outrage" over the site ("What a damned disgrace of our Noble Flag. Is there anything that can be done about sites like this?" (

Now, I and some others had long suspected "Tyler Ratke" of being yet another in a long line of fake Facebook profiles for ultra-Dixie-hater Corey Meyer. I also suspected the pornoblog of being Corey's creation because (1) he has a track record of obsession with scantily clad babes and (2) because back in May, using his fake profile as "Robert Billy," he had contacted me via Facebook messenger promoting the pornoblog for inclusion on the Backsass list of Anti-Southern Heritage Blogs. He called it my "list of prey," which, of course, would have outed him as an anti-Confederate right there, if he hadn't already outed himself. I advised him that site was not prey, it was carrion.

Never again heard from "Robert Billy".

So a day or two ago, when "Tyler" posted a link to the same pornoblog in a Backsass thread, I asked him a few leading questions. He gave some really lame answers, disappeared from the thread for a while, and then returned to announce that the site was gone.

Click to see full size image.

"It does not seem to work now. Maybe blogger pulled it due to its content not being set as 'adult'. Gone. Good enough for me." Interesting that he has such knowledge of Blogger, but elsewhere claimed to not know much about Facebook because he was "new" (a claim not unlike one "Robert Billy" made to me).

In any case, he (Corey/Tyler) was completely wrong (as he well knew). He didn't originally set the pornoblog as "adult" because the people he wanted to insult with it generally don't/won't visit blogs when there's a pre-warning like Blogger's, telling them it's an "adult" (i.e.,filth) blog. And we know Blogger didn't just up and decide to pull it, because some Southern heritage folks had reported it to Blogger some time ago, and it stayed up until yesterday, when "Tyler" got skeered of being outed as Corey-the-porno-blogger and took it down in a state of panic.

He put the blog back up in a matter of hours, but with the filthy pictures removed! It now displays some SCV symbols. It's still built on a lie, though. The anonymous blogger, named "Rebel Flag," purports to be a charter member of the Virginia flagger -- none of whom are anonymous.

"Tyler" disappeared again, along with all his messages on Backsass. Too bad; I was going to show some of the similarities between his comments and those that "Robert Billy" messaged to me. I'm thoroughly convinced they're one and the same, but perhaps not everyone is. So the similarities would have greatly heightened for the uncertain the probability that "Tyler" is Corey Meyer. How? Well, because Corey admitted to me in a message thread that "Robert Billy" was a fake profile he made to get access to, and spy on, the Southern Heritage Preservation Group, from whom his actual profile (Kindred Blood) and previous fake ones had been blocked.

I took screenshots of the message thread where Corey admitted being Robert Billy and posted on Backsass a link to the resulting graphic.

Click to see full size image.

Shortly thereafter, in a comment thread on his blog, Corey waxed indignant:

"You are hereby banned from The Blood of My Kindred. You continue to accuse me of doing things that I have not done. Your latest is a photoshop image of a Facebook page where I “claim” to be a person named “Robert Billy”…nice bit of work Connie, you should work in the computer industry for some two-bit dictator doctoring documents. From this point on Connie you will have no access to comments on this site…post all you want, none of them will see the light of day."

Yep, it's photoshopped, no doubt about it, and I have no problem whatever admitting it. I had to put two screenshots together to show all the related messages, and that required graphics processing. I smeared out the info on my left sidebar. And I put a big red border around Corey's admission that Robert Billy was his fake profile. But not one word of the text was changed.

Since he had lied about me on his blog comment thread, I emailed to him (and to one of his buddies, the Dixie-bashing, self-styled "intellectual" -- Mr. Tu Quoque himself -- Rob Baker) the actual messages off the Facebook thread, using Facebook's email.

So far, he hasn't accused me of hacking Facebook.

In any case, I sufficiently established that Corey Meyer/Robert Billy were the same "person" and while Robert Billy's promotion of the anti-Confederate pornoblog is not proof that Corey is the pornoblogger (and very likely "Tyler Radke," too) it shows extreme probability that he is.

It'll be interesting so see whether Cousin Perfesser, in his usual persona or his attempted disguise persona, will condemn Confederate Flag porno blogging, whether or not he agrees with my conclusion that the pornoblogger is his good friend Corey Meyer. Be interesting to see if Andy Hall and Kevin Levin have any thoughts on Confederate Flag porno blogging, too.

Frankly, I expect dead ringing silence from all of them. And you know the saying -- Silence Equals Consent.


  1. Your analysis of the blogger "porno" site and accusation that Corey Meyer created it reminds me of a Michael Moore documentary.

  2. Good old Corey, the Mel Blanc of the cyber world !

  3. Rob, you and I have always been above board with one another, (Andy you too) are you denying that Corey uses multiple names to navigate around the Web ? Come on straight up I know he does it !
    Heck I did it once, I used the name DB Cooper to see if I could get back on Levin’s blog. It worked!
    But I fessed up and moved on, won’t no fun, and after all if ya ain’t got the testicular fortitude to use your own name (if you’re a guy) what’s the point?

  4. Dave, back before Facebook, before Twitter, before MySpace, Scribd, LinkedIn and all the other newer social media, Corey used to harass proSoutherners on Yahoo Groups and similar venues, using the fake ID Billy Yank. We'd delete him, he'd create a new ID (like BillYank) and re-join. The handles he chose let us know right up front that he was there to harass us -- at least, the obvious ones. I have no idea whether he joined under more generic names, but it's unlikely. He was not there only to harass; he's there to do it for show.

    His record of online deception and harassment is years long. My knowledge of it (by experience) goes back to about 2000. He is a known liar. That makes everything he says -- including his indignant denials -- highly suspect and untrustworthy.

    It's dang sobering to think that the education of children and young adults is in the hands of people like Meyer, Simpson, who exhibit such a deficiency of ethics in their attacks on Southern heritage.

  5. @ Dave,

    You're going to have to explain to me the meaning of the phrase "above board with on another." That's a new one on me.

    I'm not denying anything. I wouldn't be surprised if he did. My point is the accusations are rather loose in my opinion. After dealing with a couple of folks from the "Southern Heritage" crowd, I wouldn't put it past anyone to manipulate images as sources often are in order to achieve a pre-established goal.

    Such is the case with the "porno" site. Now I'm not saying that a "Southern Heritage" advocate created the site but I'm also not jumping on board and saying it was Corey either. I never saw the site in question during its pornographic stage.

    It is worth noting though, if certain Heritage advocates would simply make the statement that they detest the misuse of the flag in such a way, instead of criticizing the misuse of the U.S. flag, I think this issue would go away.

  6. "Above board with one another"
    That means the game is fair, no passing cards under the table. No tap dancing or side stepping the issue.

  7. Not Clever, BASIC !
    " if certain Heritage advocates would simply make the statement that they detest the misuse of the flag in such a way, instead of criticizing the misuse of the U.S. flag, I think this issue would go away."
    That statement has been made over and over! But the negitive stigma continues !

  8. "...if certain Heritage advocates would simply make the statement that they detest the misuse of the flag in such a way, instead of criticizing the misuse of the U.S. flag, I think this issue would go away."

    (1) WHAT issue would go away? The issue of Meyer, or whoever, making Confederate flag porno blogs? I can't imagine the one under discussion was created because somebody got pissed over criticism of the misuse of the US flag.

    (2) Anti-Confederate critics who monitor heritage folks to screech when they don't show the proper respect for the Confederate flag are hypocrites if they don't show indignation over the dissing of the US flag. There is an enormous amount of hypocrisy demonstrated by Dixie-bashing bloggers; and if I feel like pointing out the hypocrisy, I will.


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