Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Devious Deception from Brooks D. Simpson

(So, what do y'all think the D. stands for, Devious or Deception?)

Here'a a stellar example of how Simpson lies. And so many of them in such a short space!

From Crossroads:
"Seems there’s been a call to denounce “Confederate Flag porno blogging,” whatever that is; failure to do so, we are told, means “Silence Equals Consent.” So this is evidence that I haven’t been silent (I have no idea what this is about).
Whatever that is? When Simpson goes jackbooting through Confederate blogs and groups in order to find stuff to lie about and heritage advocates to savage, does he even read what he's lying about? Confederate flag porno blogging is clearly explained and identified in the blog entry he's verbally brutalizing.
"I haven’t see “Confederate Flag porno blogging” denounced by the Virginia Flaggers, so I guess they are expressing consent."
Members of the Virginia flaggers reported the porno blog to Blogger and so noted on Facebook. That's not silence, and it is most definitely denouncing. That Simpson doesn't know about it is yet another example of his infantile attitude that if he doesn't know about it, it doesn't exist.
"I’m afraid to ask why certain folks are so excited by this 'issue.'”
Denouncing pornographic filth created to denigrate the Confederate flag and heritage advocates (and misportray them) is not being excited, it's being concerned.

Seeking to identify the person who did it and concluding from the available evidence that it was probably an outspoken critic of Southern heritage (who has a track record for lying just like Brooks D. Simpson does) is not being excited. It is pursuit of truth.

Perhaps Simpson, a professor at a major state university, doesn't know the difference between excitement and concern. Nah. More likely, he's playing dumb in order to lie. He's done that before.
"Maybe they’re interested in new images for their ever-changing cover art."
If Simpson is talking about me, he's lying. (What a surprise, huh?) My cover art is not "ever-changing." One of my three published covers has been changed.

However, even if it was true, my book with a redesigned cover would be in good company:

To Kill a Mockingbird covers:

Obviously, this unwarranted criticism about cover art (he'd call it satire or parody to cover his sorry behind) is just gratuitous irrelevancy of a very mean-spirited kind, and illustrates just what a petty little man he is.
"The same blogger insists that the Virginia Flaggers are achieving great things, only we don’t know about them. I’d say they are well-kept secrets."
Lie #1. I didn't insist anything. Didn't use the word "great," either. I said they are effective. As they are used here, "insist" and "great" are manipulative words designed to wrongly influence Simpson's readers. Judging by past comments, some of them are quite gullible and thus easily swayed by his manipulative language.

Lie #2. I didn't say we. I said, "A lot of hard (and effective) work takes place off the sidewalk and many successes aren't known to the public."

Lie #3. I said," But the major visible accomplishment of the Virginia flaggers is that they are desensitizing the public to the image of the flag that has been the object of removal campaigns from one end of Dixie to the other. In the minds of observers, they are associating the flag with ordinary, decent folks and not the scum-sucking racists people have been conditioned to associate with the flag." This is hardly a well-kept secret.
"Of course, this is the same person who has already testified about the ineffectiveness of Confederate heritage groups."
Blatant.baldfaced lie. I said, to paraphrase, one particular Confederate heritage group on Facebook is ineffective against the powerful forces arrayed against Southern heritage and I clearly explained why -- they're informal discussion groups without funds or legal status.

My exact words:
I think it's very important to fight the efforts of those who war against Southern heritage. What I said was that the Southern Heritage Preservation Group does not have the power or influence of, say, the SCV, which has tens of thousands of members, a treasury, and a legal arm for use of the courts. The SHPG is a Facebook group. It has officers, but no legal status, no dues collected from members, no treasury... and it takes money to fight the powers and principalities arrayed against us, make no mistake about it. Individual members of the group may be very effective in fighting those who war against Southern heritage; they may be members of other organizations that are also effective. But the SHPG itself is for the dissemination of information and sharing of opinions.

I've also stated that that my own personal efforts -- this blog and my proSouthern novels -- also have little to no power or influence. I'm just one person. I also don't have a lot of money. My outside activism is restricted, as I cannot walk or stand except for very brief periods. I do what I can online, and with my writing. Thus far, my writing has had little effect. So why do I perist? Because I have faith. I may never accomplish great things for Dixie -- but who knows but what something I write will inspire someone who can, and will, accomplish great things for the South?

* * *
Simpson's finale:
"The war within continues."
There is no war within, only people in Southern heritage that have differing opinions. There are, however, vicious verbal attacks from without, rooted in hatred (you got a better explanation?) and a totalitarian mindset that reviles anyone who dares to see things differently -- at which Brooks D. Simpson is a master.

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