Saturday, December 1, 2012

Common Sense Graphic


  1. Would you like to explain the "Preference for" one...I think that is where you fall into a slippery slope.

  2. Be glad to. I have a preference of chocolate ice cream. That doesn't mean I hate every other kind of ice cream. I don't hate vanilla ice cream, and I don't hate butter pecan ice cream and I don't hate black walnut ice cream. In fact, I love butter pecan ... my preference for chocolate just barely edges it out.

    When I got married to the man I preferred to be my husband, I didn't suddenly develop hatred for all other men.

    Leftists who cling to the false dichotomy are the ones who think if you have a preference for one thing, it means you hate everything that is not your preference. But it simply is not true.

    Understand now?

  3. Speaking of ice cream -- I do hate strawberry ice cream, but it has nothing to do with my preference for chocolate ice cream. It has to do with my finding a box of strawberries in the freezer when I was little, and I ate the whole thing, and it made me sick. I have not been able to abide strawberry ANYTHING since then.

    But my hatred of anything strawberry has absolutely nothing to do with my preference for other things -- peaches, f'rinstance. I have a preference for peaches. In fact, I luv me some peaches -- but that's not why I hate

  4. But what happens when you apply this logic to people and not ice cream?

  5. I did apply it to people. I said that preferring the man I married to be my husband doesn't mean I suddenly hated all other men.

    What happens when it is applied to people instead of ice cream? The same thing. It means I don't hate people simply because I have a preference for someone else.

  6. What happens when a local eatery or store applies this type of logic?

  7. Corey, my graphic deals with individual, personal beliefs, motives, etc., not corporate entities, which I do not believe are capable of feelings, motives, etc., that exist at the level of individual persons.

    However, if a store -- meaning owner, management, or whatever position of authority is held by human being(s) -- exhibits a preference, for example, a preference for being a children's toy store and selling children's toys, I don't think that means the owner/manager or whoever, hates stores that sell, say, tires. Or adult apparel. Or boat motors. Even at that level, a preference for on thing is not hatred of all other things.

  8. However when the Toy Store prefers to sell only to white children despite their claims that they do not hate black is still discrimination.

    You have dodged that very well...kudos...very southern of you.

  9. Yes, yes, yes, you see everything in terms of race, we already know that, and then you are compelled to project your filthy race-focused mentality onto others who may not, or obviously do not, share it.

    Toy stores actually prefer to choose their customers by AGE, not race. You won't find walkers, wheelchairs, adult diapers, denture cups and other senior paraphernalia in a TOY STORE. That does not mean the toy store owners or management hate old folks and it is not discrimination against them.

    However, little six year old black girls and little six year old white girls likely enjoy the same kind of toys. Unlike you, who must attribute hatred and discrimination to people to make you feel better about your race-obsession, I suspect toy store owners are glad to take the money of black parents just as well as white parents. What they PREFER, Corey, is doin' bidness. Get it?

  10. Wow...did I hit a nerve. I am just pointing out why preference may have a slippery slope to it. Not all of you examples are wrong. But you comparrison of young and old people is crazy.

    However there was a time in this country...and not even you could deny it...when business and such were allowed to base their clientel on preference...white over black...mainly in the south!

    I am sure you are old enough to remember white restrooms, white waiting rooms etc. Preference based on race and that is how the people in the south wanted it...especially the whites.

  11. I didn't compare young and old people. Good grief. I guess your reading comprehension level was a factor in your imagining that you hit a nerve.

    The graphic I made is about individuals, not businesses, corporations, government, etc. But you brought up the toy store, so I used it as an example to show that selling items for a particular age group is not hatred for all other age groups.

    Yes, there was a time when some businesses chose who they preferred to serve based on race. That hasn't been the case in several generations. Everyone else has moved on. Your obsession with it -- your unwillingness to move on with the rest of us -- demonstrates your desire and eagerness to evilize Southerners.


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