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The following comments, in italics, are my OPINION of the ideas expressed in the post and comment thread at Brooks Simpson's Crossroads hate blog:

What Is It With Some People?
Dec19 by Brooks D. Simpson

Several months ago Crossroads reported on violent threats against schoolchildren made by southern nationalist Pat Hines, who in the past has won the approval of people such as Mike Lamb.

Note, children, the hate-making here -- the attempting to smear Mike Lamb for "approving" of such a despicable person as Pat Hines. Why showcase someone who "approves" of Pat?  Why not showcase someone who disapproves?  There are numerous folks who have posted their disapproval on Facebook.  Why not showcase them?  He could find them if he wanted to.  After all, this is the fellow who said, "... I tiptoe through the internet to sample historical understandings about the American Civil War."
Well, that's what he says.  What he means -- what he does -- is look for Southern heritage folks to smear, lie about and drum up hatred for.  (I note that there's no evidence Mike Lamb approves of Pat Hines for his threats, though that is what Simpson expects you to think).
 I note that not a single southern nationalist has taken exception here to his comments.

As I've noted in a previous blog post -- why must they do it "here" -- i.e., on Simpson's blog? And note that because they haven't done it there, we're supposed to believe they haven't done so at all, anywhere?  That's what he expects his myrmidons to believe. I guess they don't have the critical thinking skills to see through his hate-mongering.
Now comes word that Josephine Bass, a.k.a “Josephine Southern,” has offered the following comment on Corey Meyer’s blog:

Bless Your Heart, I do think you are lucky that no one has shot you in the face or gone to your kids school and shot up the place. 

What is wrong with these people? Is this the way advocates of Confederate heritage and southern separatism intend to go about their business?

Uh, no, it isn't, and you know it, Simpson.  This is over-the-top emotionalism, likely brought on by the hate-mongering on your blog, and Hall's and Meyer's and Levin's. As closely as you monitor Southern heritage, you know there have been absolutely zero episodes of violence from Southern heritage folks, so you're dishonestly attempting to equate emotional rhetoric with violence.
There’s been a lot a talk about the face of evil lately. There’s also been a lot of talk about mental health and social responsibility. There’s also been a lot of talk about how schools should be safe from violence.

Yet this is what we hear from certain folks in the name of Confederate heritage and southern separatism.
Sometimes, people, confrontation is not only the right thing to do, it’s something that we all must do.

P.S.: Ms. Bass says that in making these statements she’s acting as a defender of southern honor. Really?
25 comments to What Is It With Some People?


Louis Burklow says:

They couldn’t “take their country back” – now all they know to do is lash out. The result is they sound like schoolyard bullies with superior firepower. These folks are now starting to realize how demographics is changing the country and it will never go back to the way they want it.

They?  All both of them, Burklow?  LOL!  And how do you know what they're starting to realize?  Do you have a crystal ball?  Well, do you call Miss Cleo?  Throw chicken bones?
Michael Confoy says:

Maybe it’s time for a colonization scheme for southern nationalists?

Nah.  Secession will do just fine, thanks.

Missouri Tenth says:

Mr. Simpson, I’d respectfully put forth that a number of Southern folks are waiting for you to engage them (per your comment on confrontation being the right thing to do). I’ve posted a number of “open” invitations awaiting your response (on differing worldviews, historical interpretations, etc) over at Missouri Tenth. If you would prefer not to dialogue about this openly, please send me an e-mail. I agree there are some hot heads out there, but my aim is to bring together folks on both side of the debates and try to work some of these issues out.

Just my opinion, but you're showing entirely too much deference and respect to someone who doesn't deserve a syllable of it, Missouri Tenth.

Brooks D. Simpson says:

These folks know where to find me. You do. I tend not to frequent your blog except for a few recent posts from you, and, having seen how you allowed Mike Lamb post rather self-serving and incomplete accounts of supposed conversations, I see no reason to trust your venue as a place where responsible discussion takes place. Nor do I see Mr. Lamb as a responsible individual, let alone a southern historian. I’ve given you the attention you deserve …. some would say more than you deserve, and I’m not sure I’d disagree with them.
Let’s see you engage those southern nationalists who advocate violence, especially against children. Seems you’re afraid to confront them. Why is that?

Absolutely HILAROUS!  The serial liar Brooks Simpson doesn't trust the Missouri Tenth?  And once again, we see Simpson expecting proSoutherners to state approval or disapproval ON HIS BLOG -- and if they don't, they're "afraid" or maybe they secretly approve of violence.  He expects every thing to take place on his blog.  Why is that?

Connie Chastain says:


Brooks D. Simpson says:

More like amused …

Oh, no. No, no.  You aren't the least bit amused.  You're madder'n a wet hen and that's why you've gone deeper than usual into nasty mode, and why you're more determined than ever to stir up hatred for heritage folks.
... if we’re talking about the blog bluster. But perhaps you mean the threats against children? I take those seriously. Why don’t you?

I do take serious threats seriously.  I don't take nonserious threats seriously solely for the purpose of stirring up hatred, as you do.
It seems that Connie Chastain also has a problem denouncing Ms. Bass. Guess she’s skeered. As alarming as these threats against children are, the author of Sweet Southern Boys doesn’t really worry about threats made against American children. That’s sad. But then she’s defended, justified, and excused bad behavior and bigotry in the past.

Like I said, I take serious threats seriously.  I don't pretend to take nonserious threats seriously for the purpose of drumming up hatred for folks the way you do, or for trying to portray written over-emotionalism as violence.
So much for your cry for attention, Connie.

LOL.  You ARE skeered of me, aren't you?

Connie Chastain says:

I was talking about your being skeered to visit the Missouri Tenth. You know I’m not talking about threats against children because that isn’t mentioned in either Missouri Tenth’s post or your reply. So why’d you bring it up? Cuz you needed an excuse for gratuitous smear?

There was no threat to children in Ms. Bass’s comments It was in poor taste, but not a threat. BTW — and you know this — I am on record at my blog and on Facebook (several places) as vehemently opposing not only Pat Hines’ threats against children, but his apparent worship of violence in general. So you’re lying about me and you know it. Hard habit for you to break, iddinit?


Brooks D. Simpson says:

Yawn. Elsewhere you dismiss Hines … today, on your own blog.

Today? As I've noted elsewhere, liar...
November 6th is not today.
November 3rd is not today.
You just don’t threats of violence against children seriously and you don’t deplore those fellow travelers of yours who make those threats.

I take serious threats seriously. And I take your hate-mongering very, very seriously, even when I may respond to it with sarcasm and satire..
And, of course, you just can’t stop lying as part of your bitter rage.

Hope y’all got your Connie Chastain fix … how ’bout you, Matt Gallman? :) Back in the jar …

Yep. You're skeered of me, Simpson.  You're skeered because I'm not shy about pointing out your lies and questionable ethics.  

Other than the bare minimal respect everyone deserves simply for being humans, I have zero respect for you -- as a man, as a historian, as a professor.  Zero. That's Z-E-R-O.  In fact, I have extreme disrespect for you because of your serial lying, your questionable ethics and your toxic ego.

Rob Baker says:

Connie is too busy attempting to draw parallels between Pat Hines’s/Josephine Bass’s and Micheala Levin’s.comments on various blogs. It seems, according to her, that talking about murdering someone and being thankful for evolution are the same thing.

Michaela has expressed thankfulness for evolution somewhere?  I wouldn't know, I haven't seen that.  Nor have I attempted to draw any parallels -- I have simply showcased her orgiastic pleasure ("makes my day," she said) over the prospect of early death for Southerners.

Missouri Tenth says:

Mr. Simpson – thanks for the reply. Yes, I do know where to find your thoughts – and I have to say I enjoy your writings (even if I happen to disagree). Yes, I’ve allowed Mr. Lamb to post his thoughts, as I enjoy hearing from a variety of people on a particular subject. It’s my blog, I have that right. And if you should choose to come over and comment – I would always deal fairly in posting your thoughts as long as there is no bad language or insults.

I would throw your last comment back to you (as I personally see one individual speaking out of turn and being paraded about as the voice of Southern Nationalism to be a bit silly). But saying that, the Federal Government has certainly perpetuated a lot of violence towards children, and you seem to be afraid to confront them. Why is that?

You're showing entirely too much respect for this liar, this ethical midget, this cowardly hate-monger, IMHO, Missouri Tenth....

Brooks D. Simpson says:

See … no one paraded someone as the voice of southern nationalism … although it appears you don’t seem bothered by those threats of violence against children. You demonstrate why your forum is untrustworthy, because you can’t be honest. Fair enough.

Said the serial liar, Brooks Devious Ego Simpson... Missouri Tenth  is a Christian, so I expect he is a lot more bothered about threats of violence against children, or anybody, than you are.  You're treating threats of violence against children is simply a really cool tool for smearing proSoutherners....

Still no expression of disgust or outrage … or even dismay … at the comments made by Hines and Bass? I wonder why.

You mean, no expression ON YOUR BLOG COMMENT THREAD.  Disgust and outrage don't have to be expressed in order to be felt, ya know?  And they don't have to be expressed on your blog to have been expressed somewhere.  But leave it to you to palm off the lying notion that if somebody doesn't  express something on your blog, they don't feel it... Liar.
Good try to turn this on the feds Perhaps gun control and a ban on assault weapons would be a first step toward a more compassionate federal government. Carry on with that idea, and good luck. In the meantime, as you say, this is my blog, and you can carry on your crusade at yours. Take care.


Jimmy Dick says:

I think Dr. Simpson as well as many others have given you the facts and information you requested. You just don’t like the answers and therefore dispute the facts that you disagree with. You read what you want in the past and ignore the context because the context makes your opinions erroneous.

Or, it could be that Brooks Simpson is a liar and hate monger with a morbidly obese ego....

Bummer says:

Bummer is old school and for this guy, every day above ground is a blessing. However, the world this student comes from, you would have to be mentally unhinged to “threaten” a man or his family. The threat alone, opens the door to a reality of “what ifs” and that question alone, can generate defensive tactics. As an “old guy” whose greatest possession is his family and their well-being, the statement of “shooting someone in the face” could be taken personally and should not be just disregarded as the ramblings of some demented and tortured lost soul.

Bummer, please. Only serious threats should be taken seriously.  Josephine has been posting on the Internet for years without shooting anybody -- in the face or the arse or anywhere else, capsice?

Ken Noe says:

You left out the end of her threat: ” Ah well there is always next year.” School reopens in January.


Brooks D. Simpson says:

Yup. It’s one thing to make comments on blogs and FB pages about people they don’t like, but these folks now target innocent children, make light of such targeting, or give it a pass. Such is the mindset of certain folks.

Nobody has targeted innocent children.  There has been no making light of, or to giving a pass to, such targeting, since there has been no such targeting.  You know the threat isn't serious. That makes you a liar and a hatemonger.

Michael C. Lucas says:

Another fine example of promoting your anti-Confederate prejudice again Brook’s. This is not confrontation this is bigotry, you know very well Pat Hines does not speak for the South, Southern people, Confederate heritage groups. I abhor what he said, but you are just as negligent in using his words to condemn Confederate descendants as a whole.

I would suggest, Mike, that Pat Hines talks big but doesn't mean it.  I would also suggest that Brooks Simpson means every syllable of hatred he posts on  his blog.

Brooks D. Simpson says:

But I haven’t condemned Confederate descendants as a whole. Nor did I say Pat Hines spoke for the South, southern people, or Confederate heritage groups as a whole.

You implied it.  And you've used it as a litmus test, implying that if anyone doesn't denounce it HERE on your freaking Blog of Lies, they agree with killing children.
So why do you lie about these things?

A question far better directed at you, Liar Simpson.
What else do you lie about?

A question far better directed at you, Liar Simpson.
Meanwhile, here was your chance to denounce Ms. Bass, and you appear to have failed in that regard.

Why must he denounce her on YOUR blog, and if he doesn't, he's failed?  That's just another of your lies, Simpson.
Why are you so quiet about these matters? Tell us. Are you telling us you don’t abhor what she said?

Well, he's obviously posting about SOMETHING ELSE, capisce? And no, he's not telling us that he does or does not abhor what she said.  He's not discussing that at all.  He apparently believes, as I do, that your blog is not the only place where people can -- where, indeed, people MUST -- make declarations YOU expect them to make, under penalty of being lied about.

Michael C. Lucas says:

Brooks, if you and others like you were more humble and stuck to academic disciplines rather than using your blogs as contemptuous sounding boards of anti-Confederate propaganda against Confederate descendants, you could all make a positive difference! Consider helping to preserve Confederate American history fairly, because, in truth, not everything they fought for was as you and others have propagandized and that includes Confederate Preservationists with issues of delusions, as well.

Mike, Mike, Mike.  The only reason Brooks Simpson and his fellow bloggers don't want the Confederacy totally wiped from the American memory, and all traces of it scrubbed from the Southern landscape is because they need it in order to indulge in what they love best -- trash, trash, trashing  Confederates and white Southerners, past and present, as the most evil people who have ever lived.
 But, the difference is Confederate groups are not on the offensive to attack anyone, but on the defensive to preserve the truth of what they know is being distorted by others. You’re not seeking understanding, or truth. Your blog is manifesting hate and that begets hate. The country needs to take a step back from these over-zealous attacks on Southerners, Confederate history, flags, monuments and their descendants.

Forget it, Mike.  Hate begetting hate -- that's what he WANTS.  Don't try to reason with him, or look to the "better angels" of his nature.  He don't have any better angels, and he's NOT INTERESTED in reason. You might as well try to reason with the Kraken.
It was not all one side’s thing or another thing! It was not at all about good against evil, except in the delusions of sanctimonious zealots! It was not all about slavery and African Americans, but they had something to do with it. Confederate history, black, white, and other descendants deserve the same equality of inclusiveness as any other ethnicity in this nation’s diversity. Until that happens, for all considered, it’s foundations are crumbling with malice and hypocrisy and will come to naught!

Jeffry Burden says:

Gee, Michael — I’m sorry to disturb your vision of rainbows and unicorns, but have you perused the LOS, SCV or other modern-day-wannabe-Confederate websites? Not much love and tolerance there.

The League's intolerance is for the government and the yankee mentality -- and for the hate-mongering done by Simpson and his fellow travelers.
In fact, I see a lot of bile and anger and lightly-coded racial and ethnic bias. They make Brooks and other writers of “contemptuous sounding boards of anti-Confederate propoganda” seem tame in comparison.

You may want to drop those sites a note about that whole tolerance/love/inclusiveness thing you propose.


Brooks D. Simpson says:

Thanks for reminding us of your position, Mr. Lucas. I guess that you think Ms. Bass and Mr. Hines aren’t manifesting hate, and certainly you don’t seem to mind what Ms. Bass said, so I guess it’s okay by you. Fair enough.

I don't know about Mike but, nope, I don't think they are manifesting hate.  Pat's posts about violence are the posts of a guy too old and out of shape to do anything about the destructiveness running rampant through his culture, and Josephine just let runaway emotions take hold of her keyboard. You, on the other hand, have relentlessly and consistently posted hatred for Southern heritage week after week, month after month.

Michael Bartley says:

Ms. Bass should be ashamed of herself. Here is the second part of her despicable response, “I wonder when the haters and dividers get their due in this country. Ah well there is always next year.” Apparently, it escapes her that threatening us and most importantly our children is not hateful or divisive.

She didn't threaten you or your children.  Sheesh. Get a grip.
I just wanted to add my voice from the Rocky Mountains to Prof. Simpson’s in condemnation of this irresponsible and stunningly immature potentially dangerous rhetoric. See, Michael and Connie, it’s not that hard. Please join us in a simple straightforward rejection of this madness.

As I have stated more than once, Mr. Bartley, I take serious threats seriously.  And I think Simpson's long-standing hatred of proSoutherners, expressed repeatedly on his blog, is far more damaging than some over-the-top but non-serious one-time emotionalism.

Jeffry Burden says:

Brooks, do you notice that there is still no Southron with the courage to denounce, or even express mild disapproval of, poor Josephine’s words? Bless their hearts, why is that? (Sorry if I’m being confrontational. :-) )

I said plainly on my blog that I don't agree with her sentiments.  What?  You're like Simpson and think it doesn't count unless it's said on HIS BLOG?  Gimme a freakin' break.  There's more to the world, more places to express oneself, than a comment thread on Brooks Simpson's hate blog, capisce?

Brooks D. Simpson says:

Oh,I see one blog owner, as well as our dear friends Chastain and Lucas, coming over here to comment, but not a single word against Bass. The are free to carry on their continuing support elsewhere.

I said I don't agree with what she posted on Corey's blog.  The difference is that you're trying to paint it as some kind of serious, big-deal threat, and I know it isn't.

Michael C. Lucas says:

Your lie not I! As for Ms. Chastain you completely take her responses out of context!

LOL!  And he lies, too.
Brooks D. Simpson says:

You keep telling yourself that. Take care.

Why shouldn't he tell himself that? It's true.  You lie.

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