Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feeding the Hungry Ego

The problem with Brooks Simpson and people like him is that they have such gargantuan egos that have to be fed off the denigration of others. 

This is why he likes to portray proSoutherners as diabolical and violence prone, simply for posting something a little over the top on the Internet. Most people can tell the difference between big, empty talk and seriously reprehensible comments. But he has to pretend they're all seriously reprehensible -- so he'll look like such a shining example of goodness by comparison.  Apparently, that's the tastiest ego food...

I have encountered no Southern Nationalists who agreed with Pat Hines about destroying kids in a Yankee school.  The ones I've discussed it with either denounce the notion, or believe Pat is simply talking big and doesn't literally mean the threat. 

Although I think Pat's comments about the Beslan Siege and threatening to repeat it at a "yankee school" are reprehensible, I don't think for a minute he means it or would do it. Regarding those comments, and his other posts about violence, I once told him on Facebook, "Pat, to paraphrase Ned Pepper in True Grit, 'I call that mighty bold talk for a gray-haired fat man.'"

Pat couldn't begin to carry out threats he hints at, even if he wanted to, which I seriously doubt.  He's old and out of shape -- we're not talking Che, here, folks. Besides, some of what he pretends to advocate would get him blown to pink dust by the U.S. military if he attempted them.  He knows it, everyone knows it. And I really, really don't think he wants to become a pink cloud.

But back to Brooks Simpson.  If people disagree with and denounce Pat's comments but Simpson doesn't know about it -- to him, that's the same as their agreeing with Pat, and endorsing his ideas. If he doesn't know about it, why they didn't do it!

He's exhibited this childish behavior before.  Little kids often think if they don't know about something, it never happened, but you'd expect an adult, especially one who claims to be educated, to know that he doesn't know everything.  Still, with a straight face, Simpson says things like, "... we both know southern nationalists who embrace someone who advocates such mass slaughter as part of his vision of the future....I would think that southern nationalists would move quickly to disavow what he said."

How does he know they didn't? Because he's not privy to the conversations?  Because the disavowal didn't take place in a comment thread on his blog? LOL.  Of course, by implying Southern nationalists didn't disavow what Pat said, simply because he, Simpson, wasn't in on the conversation, he can demonize them on his blog and look squeaky clean and shiny by comparison.

This is just one example.  He has a history of demonizing people in his posts and comment threads, for "infractions" he thinks he knows about -- and then "challenges" them to "redeem" themselves in comment threads on his blog.  (Never mind that the "infraction" may occur basically in his own mind.)  As if, if they don't do it there -- or somewhere where he knows about it, but preferably on his blog -- they're guilty, guilty, guilty.

And of course, that makes him saintly, saintly, saintly by comparison.  And if there's a chance you might miss how saintly he is, he tells you.  (Make sure you understand folks, that he's "horrified and repulsed by what happened at Newtown.")

There is a reason why I don't take Josephine Bass's comments on Corey's blog seriously, and here it is: a screenshot of a graphic she shared on her Facebook page. Of course, she didn't share the graphic in a comment thread on Simpson's blog, so to him, she may as well have been a cheerleader at the Connecticut shooting...

Simpson's willingness, eagerness to wrongly demonize other people for the sake of inflating his already overblown ego is what's truly reprehensible.

* * * UPDATE * * *

What did I tell ya?  Go look at this blog post and the comments following it. 
There was no threat to children in Ms. Bass’s comments It was in poor taste, but not a threat. BTW — and you know this — I am on record at my blog and on Facebook (several places) as vehemently opposing not only Pat Hines’ threats against children, but his apparent worship of violence in general. So you’re lying about me and you know it. Hard habit for you to break, iddinit?
Brooks Devious "Ego" Simpson replied, 
"Yawn. Elsewhere you dismiss Hines … today, on your own blog. You just don’t threats of violence against children seriously and you don’t deplore those fellow travelers of yours who make those threats."
The lyin' liar just keeps on lyin'.


November 6th is not today.

November 3rd is not today.

I take seriously serious threats of violence against children -- or anyone else. Pat's threats weren't serious, and although I found them deplorable, I never took them seriously.

I didn't take Josephine Bass's comments at Corey's blog seriously, either.  Why? Because she posted them on December the 18th -- and on the 14th, four days before, she shared a prayer chain post on her Facebook page for the victims, family, friends and loved ones affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Of course, Brooks Devious Ego Simpson makes his judgments about people only on that evidence he chooses to -- that which seems to support what he already believes, or wants to believe. 

But then, what more should you expect from a lyin' liar?

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