Monday, December 10, 2012

Just In Time for Christmas

Read about this anti-white film from the King of Cinema Carnage, Quentin Tarantino here:
Tarantino states that negative depictions of white people in the movie are "educational." Tarantino goes on to say that white people did "a lot worse sh-t actually."

Tarantino makes no secret that he is a hardcore supporter of left-wing politics. Besides giving tens of thousands to the Democratic party, he has given large donations to far-left politicians.
White folks did a lot worse sh-t?  They also did a lot of great stuff that has benefited the whole world.

That's a lesson Shelby Kincaid has to teach his little sister, Ainsley, after a councilor at her day camp attempts to instill in her and her little camper friends a mountain of white guilt and self-hatred.  But the councilor had no way of knowing about Shelby's devotion to his little sister's wellbeing.
“Ainsley. Your ancestors couldn't have done what that woman said because they didn't live here then."


"Our grandfather still lived in Fannin County, up by North Carolina, when that happened. None of our Kincaid kin lived here then, and our Shelbys have always lived in Alabama."

"But white people..."

"Let me explain something to you. White people aren't evil because they're white. People -- whatever color they are -- do evil things because sin is in the world. I think you know this from church. People who tell you white Southerners are somehow specially evil because of how blacks have been treated here are trying to mess with your mind. Yes, blacks have been treated badly by white folks down here -- they've been treated badly everywhere, and they've been treated decently everywhere, too – including in the South. And they treat each other bad, just as whites do."

"That's not what Miss Nora said."

"I know what she told you. And I'm telling you, I know different. And I'm gonna teach you. It's important for you to learn. I don't want you to grow up ashamed of being Southern and white, even if that's what that yankee witch wanted you to feel.

"Listen, you can't look at just the bad stuff white people have done; you have to look at the good stuff, too. And if you do that, you will see that white people have done more to help the whole human race than any other group. I'll prove that to you. I'll show you what good things white folks have done for the world. So we're going to be learning about this a long time, okay?"

It wasn't easy, and it took a while. Another three months passed and spring descended upon south Georgia, its fresh green and pastel blossoms bringing another kind of magic to the landscape, before he finally convinced her. And despite all the words, all the arguments, the history, the psychology, the Bible passages and prayers, the explanations, the cajoling ... what really did it, finally, was when he asked her, "Look, who're you going to believe? Some damnyankee? Or me?"

As she looked into the depth of his eyes, a smile crept across her face and her arms went around his neck in a tight hug.

"Well, when you put it that way...."
 Shelby Kincaid is right. If you want to look only at the bad things white people have done, you have to look only at the bad things all groups, races, ethnicities and nationalities have done. But if you're going to showcase the contributions and accomplishments of minorities and women, you have to acknowledge the  contributions and accomplishments of white people, particularly white men.

Quentin Tarantino, Morris Dees and a host of bigoted folks on the left will never acknowledge the good white people, especially white men, have done that benefited those who hate them.  But I will.


  1. Maybe you can produce a package deal to sell here on Backsass.

    Django Unchained, Sweet Southern Boys and Birth of the Nation.

    Its all Win, Win, Win!!

  2. Why would I do that? There's no reason or logic behind that suggestion. I'm not going to see Django Unchained. I've never seen Birth of A Nation and know little about it beyond a few things I've read online. You seem to know about it, though. One of your faves?

    I'm not selling anything but my own books. My reference to Django Unchained is to acknowledge the anti-white hatred on the left that has accompanied the publicity about the movie.

    So, do you buy into the total evil of whiteness, Corey? Are you ashamed of being white? Did you see Foxx on SNL and clap and cheer when he said, "I kill all the white people?" Is that win-win-win to you?

    You really need to get a little more savvy before you try to dig at me. You're revealing more about your own motives than mine -- and yours aren't very pretty. Your intolerance of people who see things differently than you -- lying about them, even by suggestion, implication, innuendo and extremely inept attempts at sarcasm, are not honorable or admirable, ya know?

  3. No Connie I don't believe in the total evil of "whiteness" and I don't think it is appropriate for Foxx to say those things. tend to go off on the simplist to watch.

    Birth of a Nation...hard to do know it glorifies the Klan right...figured it would be right up your lane...:)

  4. Why did you figure a movie that I've never seen, that glorifies the KKK, would be right up my lane? How long has your "figuring" been a slave to your bigotry, and made you willing to lie in order to malign someone who sees history differently than you?

    Copy/paste to this comment thread anything I've ever written that proves, indicates or even hints that anything glorifying the KKK is right up my lane.

    Jsst out of curiosity, would you think it was fun to watch a contemporary white actor talking about killing off all the black folks in his latest movie?


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