Friday, December 21, 2012

Motives, Agenda and Character

I want to revisit some of the comments from Brooks Devious Ego Simpson's blog in a little more depth.
"Connie is too busy attempting to draw parallels between Pat Hines’s/Josephine Bass’s and Micheala Levin’s.comments on various blogs. It seems, according to her, that talking about murdering someone and being thankful for evolution are the same thing."
And I replied:
"Michaela has expressed thankfulness for evolution somewhere? I wouldn't know, I haven't seen that. Nor have I attempted to draw any parallels -- I have simply showcased her orgiastic pleasure ("makes my day," she said) over the prospect of early death for Southerners."
His comment reeks with either blatant dishonesty or stupi -- careless mental processing. First, as I noted in my original reply, I wasn't attempting to draw any parallels. When I wrote about Michaela Levin's expressions of joy over the prospect of early death for Southerners (Here, December 6th), Josephine Bass's remarks (December 18) had not been written. And my remarks mention neither Bass nor Hines.

How can you "draw parallels" between things you don't even mention?

Second, Pat Hines's remarks, which I dealt with some time ago, occurred on Facebook, not "various blogs."
Then, Rob says, "It seems, according to her, that talking about murdering someone and being thankful for evolution are the same thing."

The "according to her" part is a blatant lie, since I have not stated that murdering someone and being thankful for evolution are the same thing, nor have I hinted or suggested it, or alluded to it in any way.

Finally, I note that nothing in Michaela Levin's statement that I wrote about had anything whatever to do with evolution. Here it is again as it appeared on a comment thread at Civil War Memory (with the pertinent part highlighted): 
    Michaela Levin October 25, 2012 at 10:09 am 16
    Actually the translation of the German sentence is: “Black man does not belong in the vicinity of our flag”. Of course, as the “elite” minds of the SHPG go, the grammar in the German sentence is wrong. However, I am not surprised to see that they use the German language for racial slurs. If they were in Germany they probably would still find many arguments why Hitler was such a “success”…all in the “gentle” spirit of “heritage”, excluding Jews, commies and the rest of “them”. The only thing that makes my day is that the overall education these people enjoy and their general attitude to life, especially their choice of diet will statistically make enough a difference that they croak earlier than the average person in the US. Bless their heart!
The only question I have about her death-wish is who all she includes in "these people" -- the few identified in the screen shot her husband posted on his blog?  All members of the Southern Heritage Preservation Group?  Or Southerners in general? I think she means Southerners in general -- or rather, white Southerners -- because there's no evidence that the choice of diet for SHPG members is somehow different than the choice of diet for Southerners in general.

So the question comes -- why did Rob make such a false claim? I think we can drop stupi -- careless mental processing as a reason, which brings us back to blatant dishonesty.

And this is a fine example of why these Southern-hating bloggers don't like me, and why they ban me and attack me -- because I don't fall for their phony claims of being all about "history. I am concerned with the motives, or agenda, or character that underlies their purported reverence for "history," which I am convinced is a post-civil rights obsession with "racism" and an overwhelming desire to portray white Southerners, past and present (with a few exceptions) as humanity's greatest manifestation of evil -- violent, inbred, moronic, scum-sucking racists.

It's all right there in their blogs. Oh, sure, they include posts that focus on battles or generals or other war-related subjects to provide plausible deniability against the charges of evilizing white Southerners. But these simply don't neutralize the efforts, or the desire behind them, to demonize white Southerners.

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