Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yeah... What IS It With Some People?

Brooks Devious Simpson posts on his blog:
What Is It With Some People?

Several months ago Crossroads reported on violent threats against schoolchildren made by southern nationalist Pat Hines, who in the past has won the approval of people such as Mike Lamb. I note that not a single southern nationalist has taken exception here to his comments. Now comes word that Josephine Bass, a.k.a “Josephine Southern,” has offered the following comment on Corey Meyer’s blog:

Bless Your Heart, I do think you are lucky that no one has shot you in the face or gone to your kids school and shot up the place.
What is wrong with these people? Is this the way advocates of Confederate heritage and southern separatism intend to go about their business?

There’s been a lot a talk about the face of evil lately. There’s also been a lot of talk about mental health and social responsibility. There’s also been a lot of talk about how schools should be safe from violence.

Yet this is what we hear from certain folks in the name of Confederate heritage and southern separatism.

Sometimes, people, confrontation is not only the right thing to do, it’s something that we all must do.
First, Simpson apparently thinks -- like children do -- that if he doesn't know about it, it doesn't exist. He sez, "I note that not a single southern nationalist has taken exception here to his comments."

HERE?  On his blog?  Why must it be done there?  I've heard from Southern Nationalists who do not agree with Pat's comments. I've heard from others who think his threats are empty big-talk.  But they didn't do it on Simpsons blog, and because they didn't do it there, he thinks it hasn't been done.

What kind of infantile thinking is that?

Keep in mind, folks, that the juvenile-minded Simpson is a professor of history at a major state university.

As for Josephine Bass's comments at Corey's blog, I don't agree with such sentiments, but I don't construe them to be a threat, which is how Meyer, Hall and Simpson are striving assiduously to present them, complete with feigned outrage.  (Little is more entertaining than the feigned outrage exhibited by these haters.)  I see Josephine's outburst as more empty talk, born of frustration and infuriation over the supreme dishonesty with which South-hating bloggers ply their wares on the internet.

And note how he takes the statements of TWO -- count 'em, two, (2) -- people and attempts to translate those statements into intended action by "advocates of Confederate heritage and southern separatism".  Presumably, he's attributing such "intended action" to ALL such advocates, because if it was just two, it wouldn't be worth a blog post.  (Josephine's statement, btw., had no intent or advocacy, despite Simpson's trying to fool his readers into thinking it did.)

And I can't help but wonder, where were Brooks, Andy, Corey, etc., when Michaela Levin was posting orgiastic joy over the early deaths of Southerners?  It "made her day," to think of it, remember?  And as long as these hate-bloggers ignore that, their "outrage" over Hines and Bass (two out of hundreds of thousands of Southerners, and tens of thousands of Southern heritage advocates) brand them as colossal hypocrites, not worthy of any respect, or even attention.

There's a great deal of  hatred for white Southerners, past and present, lurking in the blog posts of Kevin Levin, Brooks Devious Simpson, Andy Hall and Corey Meyer.  Hatred, as we know, begets hatred -- and it is from such hatred that violence grows.  Is that the end result these bashers of white Southerners have in mind?  Violence against white Southerners?  Or white Southerners provoked to violence against others? Who knows... But as long as they indirectly promote hatred of white Southerners (or at least of Confederate heritage folks) and don't advocate violence outright, I guess they think their asses are covered....

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  1. Andy Hall has made a post about Josephine's comments at Dead Confederates,

    And links to more comments by Bass and other heritage folks:

    Except for me. Andy's skeered of me, skeered to take me on.


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