Tuesday, June 4, 2013



  1. Could you explain "Pro-Tradition"?

  2. You're a teacher and you don't know what pro-tradition means?



  3. No Connie, I was wondering what your definition of it was. I know what traditions are, I am just not sure what your version of it means.

  4. Well, Corey, that means I believe in traditional marriage -- between a man and a woman -- and traditional families -- with a daddy and a mommy and kids. It means I believe in husbands being the breadwinner and wives being the homemaker -- although I know the culture and economy we live in has been jury-rigged to make those roles nearly impossible. It means I believe that separation of church and state, as it is interpreted and enforced today, is not what the founders intended. It means that I believe the Founding generation came from a culture based on Christian principles, whether they were practicing Christians or not, and those principles were integral to the founding of the country. There's more, but that should be enough for anyone to get my drift...


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