Sunday, June 16, 2013

Watching the Fall

Floggers and their followers think that I hate the USA because I believe the feds and the yankees didn't have the moral authority to invade, make war on and lay waste the South. They wonder why I still live in a place I hate.

First of all, I live in the South, and I don't hate it. In fact, I love it profoundly. Second, I don't actually hate the USA, though I disagree with and disapprove of a lot of what its government does and I loathe certain aspects of the culture -- for example, the embrace of multiculturalism and diversity, which I believe are not what they're palmed off as being. They are insidious and pernicious.

But there is much about the USA and Americans to like and admire. Frankly, I'm not happy about its demise, and the Facebook memes I created right after the election reflect that. I was quite despondent about the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, which I believed would hasten the fall of the country.  (Sure looks like I was right on that one.) This is one meme I created that reflects my despondency as I watched the returns come in on election night.

Since that night, the USA's plummet toward extinction has experienced a rapid increase. What's so amazing to me is the humor that has accompanied the plummet. Who knew that watching your country go down the tubes could be so FUNNY!
One of the things I loathe about the culture is the embrace of multiculturalism. People who claim all cultures are equal are either (a) blind or (b) liars (to themselves and others). Here, Mark Steyn explains why multiculturalism isn't what its proponents say.

And lastly, some discussion of what I think is the greatest threat to the United States, the West, and the entire world -- Islam.

I'll be discussing these and similar subjects more in the future; I may move the discussions, or some of them, to 180 Degrees True South. You just can't ever tell about me.
Danziger cartoon translinked from The Huffington Post

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