Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fun With Comments

The self-aggrandizing, part-smart comments at Crossroads just keep a-coming.

Somebody named Mark sez, "A few more defenses of “southern heritage” like this might destroy the whole rickety project. Wow."
A few more defenses like what, Mark? The discussion was about whether Confederates committed treason when out of the clear blue -- boom -- Simpson brings up my novel, Sweet Southern Boys, and Emmett Till -- which have nothing to do with each other, and neither one had anything to do with the subject of the thread.

Why do you suppose he did that, Mark? He eventually admitted he was laying a trap for me. Why do you suppose he would lay a trap for me? Why do you suppose he attempted to equate my three fictional characters with Till's murderers?  And why do you equate my refusal to be entrapped, and my defense against Simpson's lies, as a defense of Southern heritage?

Buck Buchanan sez, "WOW! I live in rural Virginia and I do not see such blatant racism. What a terrible existence to be so close minded and cheap."
You're not seeing here, either, Buck. What you're seeing is Simpson's current effort in his ongoing mission of demonizing white Southerners. Take what he says about me with a huge grain of salt. He has a long track-record of lying about me on his blog.

The really terrible existence we're seeing, Buck, is a man's having to puff up his own ego by lying about others and attempting entrapment (even when it doesn't work). Of course, it may be impossible for you to see the truth, if you've swallowed the progressive indoctrination that has blanketed the US for the last 60 years or so.

Simpson sez, "Chastain excels at being vile. She’s also off on her usual series of obsessive rants salted with bizarre speculations about what makes other people tick. Such is the world of a Confederate hysteria advocate."
In his progressivism-inspired mission of demonizing white Southerners, Simpson routinely speculates about what makes them tick, in order to find things he can palm off as evidence of racism. And if he can't find it, he makes it up -- like his attempt to connect Sweet Southern Boys with the Emmett Till case in order to trump up some "racism" to entrap me with.

But lying about people is not the best way to entrap them it, It undermines the entrapper's moral authority. And he calls my defense against his lies, and my pointing them out, "vile." Obviously, he doesn't like it when somebody (a) stands up to him and (b) tells the truth about him.

The Foskett bot says, "The best thing about Connie is that the veneer is very, very thin. It doesn’t take much for her core values to come barreling out, despite all the spin she tosses around."
I don't have a veneer, but it's interesting to note that people who do often attribute the same thing to others. One of my core values, Bot, is the defense of my people from the ongoing demonization campaign, of which Simpson is such a willing and happy participant. Of course  you won't like my defense and counter-attack, since you're a participant, too. In fact, your comment is part of that effort.

Simpson sez, "Her short fuse is easily lit."
It depends on who's playing with the matches. But it is interesting that Simpson would admit, indirectly, that he likes lighting fuses -- which implies liking to blow things up. Wonder if he played with matches a lot as a kid....

Rob Baker sez,
"You must have really pissed her off Brooks. Her rants are go on and on. As usual rather than answer accusations, she responds by pointing to how white it is where Corey lives etc. etc. Her thin veneer revealed once more I guess, though it isn’t the first time.
By the way, is it not interesting that Connie proclaims this loud love for the South, yet lives in a state and a town that many Southerners regard as a part of the North, because of the “Snow Bird” population.
Expect a post from her on the population of Florida soon, with some polls and an argument of semantics over the word “many.”
Rob, don't say "pissed." You'll offend the professor's delicate widdle sensibilities.

My "rants" are, simply, truth, and when Simpson starts confabulating a similarity between my fictional characters and murderers solely for the purpose of smearing me with the tar-brush of racism, I will point it out.

If you disagree, give me your take on why he tried to entrap me (his admission) by fabricating out of thin air a similarity between my characters Shelby, Randy and John Mark with the killers of Emmett Till?

BTW, I did answer the accusations and refuted them, and commented on the motivations of the accusers.

Oh, and the whiteness of the locations where demonizers of white Southerners live is legitimate information.

You evidently don't know much about Florida.  Let me recommend Gloria Jahoda's book, "The Other Florida." It was written in 1967 and much has changed since then -- much has changed since I read it in 1980 or so after moving to Pensacola -- but much remains the same.

There are still two Floridas. The "snow-bird" area is primarily south Florida. Even central Florida -- Rawlings country -- retains much of its Southern identity despite Disney World and Orlando sprawl.  But west Florida, the Panhandle, where I live -- it's nickname is "L.A.," Lower Alabama.  And the term "Redneck Riviera," which originally applied to Gulf Shores, Alabama, is gradually moving east to include west Florida. Pensacola  has its share of transplants, but it is still very much a Southern town. And there are many, many, many Southerners who know this. (I've known it since I was five, when my family came to Pensacola Beach for a short vacation).

In the time I've lived here, there've been occasional "movements" for the secession of the Panhandle from Florida to either become the state of West Florida with Pensacola as its capital, or to become part of Alabama. (The idea has also been floated that south Florida break away from Tallahassee.) West Florida's secession movements are, of course, tongue-in-cheek, usually designed to show the region's displeasure with something or other going on in Tallahassee at the time, and have produced some absolutely hilarious articles and essays. But I, for one, think it is a great idea.

We'll end with this topper from Simpson: "I hope she enjoys her weekend. It is always rewarding to give someone a purpose in life." 

Self-aggrandizement. Next to demonizing white Southerners, it's Simpson's favorite thing.

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