Thursday, June 13, 2013

Questions, Questions....

Since Rob is ... reluctant, for whatever reason, to give his opinion on these questions I've asked, I'm inviting anyone to offer theirs.

My questions are based on a comment thread following the post,  Did the Confederates Commit Treason? at Brooks Simpson's Crossroads blog, found HERE  The portion of the comments I'm concerned with occurs near the end of the thread.
You can read the Backsass post with my questions to Rob HERE.

So, how does this statement -- Sweet Southern Boys is a fantasy: the murder of Emmett Till was the reality -- relate to the discussion about whether the Confederates were treasonous, or to the subsequent discussion begun by Mr. Huddleston's question?

In a subsequent comment, Simpson says, "For a woman who studies false accusations of sexual behavior, the fact that you can’t see how that links to the Till case suggests that history is indeed a foreign land to you."

Again, how does that statement -- the part in bold-face type -- how does that relate to anything in the entire thread up to the point that Simpson brought up the Till case?

Looking forward to seeing if anyone will take this on.

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