Sunday, June 23, 2013

Great Civil War History Post...

...went up yesterday at Corey Meyer's Kindred Blood blog.  Check it out, folks!

So, okay, did you check it out?  What do you think about all the civil war history in that post? Let's have a discussion about it in the comments.

See, it is posts like that, so chock full of text-book history, that fuels the flogger claims of superiority in the area of history, while claiming Southern Heritage folks substitute heritage for history.

Corey brilliantly shows us that there's no substituting something else for history on HIS blog, nosiree. History is what really matters to him, which is why he never posts about silly, extraneous things like lies to evilize white Southerners.  This man is a true historian, as this post amply demonstrates..

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